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The /newstuff Chronicles #537

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My paragraph breaks in the first three of those reviews were removed somehow (I definitely submitted them with paragraph breaks).


Edit: has been dealt with, thanks

Edited by rdwpa
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Thanks to csonicgo for the review but thanks also to scifista and plums who gave really good help and advice. I was aiming for vanilla but it was a little too much.


I think the use of monster blocking lines referred to in the review was scifista's suggestion. So thanks again for that!


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On 9/4/2017 at 0:51 AM, Bloodshedder said:
  • Some slaughtermaps are at the zenith of cerebral play in Doom, forcing you to puzzle out specific strategies and execute them with precision in order to prevail.


Which ones?


EDIT: Legit question, not sarcasm.

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