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Highest number of tags used in a map

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Been looking at some maps in Doom Builder lately and noticed that Sunlust map30 has a massive 661 tags used. That's quite impressive as the most I've used, in what can be considered a large map, is 168 in map03 of Quantum Strike. Since tags tend to reflect the size and/or complexity of the actions in map, I'm curious how high that number can get. And also, what's the most you've used in your maps?

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The Last Sanctuary has a pretty crazy number of tags. They aren't contiguous from the start to the end; after 266 it starts using tags in higher ranges and such, to keep stuff that belongs to specific effects organized, but you can see it has a ton by looking at how little of the scroll bar the first 266 use.




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The most tags I have used is 258 in Empyrion MAP09, Descent, with tag 258 being a line tag.


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