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My First Map

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IWAD: Ultimate Doom


Map: E2M8


Tested on: Chocolate Doom 2.2.1, PrBoom+, GZDoom g3.1.0


Known Issues: Some slime trails in Chocolate Doom. Some walls shake in PrBoom, seems to be from the very thin sectors.


Music: Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell;  couldn't find author of MIDI rendition.


Difficulties: HMP and UV.


I played around with this on and off for months, initially imposing the limit of vanilla Ultimate Doom to ensure I got the basics down. I do not think I stuck to the spirit of Ultimate as I over detailed many areas, but this map really was just me throwing things at a wall and seeing what sticks. There was suppose to be a general idea or flow, but I'm not sure how well I stuck to it.


Jumping not needed but should not break map if used. Freelook is fine used or not.


It's shortish map, so excuse there only being three screenies.


Criticisms are welcome.




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Downloaded because of Black Sabbath. Fun for a first map. Nice amount of optional areas and hidden weapons. Some traps are rather "naive" (the player can easily run away) and the final fight is not that exciting if you don't have the bfg (it's tough to design a good cyberdemon battle because usually the solution is to just keep circling around it and shooting). Liked the use of color blue in the starting location and in that circular room (the best looking room in the level I think). The cave area is a bit underwhelming due to the ceiling being even everywhere, just doesn't really feel like a cave.


Attaching a demo of my playthrough.


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Hey dude! Thanks for making the map!


I played it through and must say it's a really nice first level. You could try to add more decorations/ make the map more interesting, by architect not by itsy bitsy details. Like make some bigger areas better in the future... however I really enjoyed the layout and the map itself. the textures were nicely placed and there's nothing that did bother me. The map itself was rather easy, but I just finised "Alien Vendetta" megawad, so everything seems easy compared to that now.. lol.


thanks again for the map and looking forward to your next maps! 

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