iWAD: DOOM2 Map Format: UDMF (DOOM2) File Format: ZDoom PK3 (Sorry Boom People) (Old version available in WAD format) Source Ports:  QZDoom, GZDoom and Zandronum   Recent Updates:   Advanced Features: Freelook: Optional
Crouching: Optional Jumping: No Rendering: Hardware or Software. (ZDoom hates the 4th map, you might to use GZDoom)   MAPS: MAP01 - Constriction MAP02 - Blight Cavern MAP03 - The Meat Dens MAP04 - Tyrant   Difficulty: Easy to Medium   About: This is my second released WAD hopefully you will enjoy it. I got a lot of map making advice from some awesome friends so hopefully these should be better than Newmaker.WAD   Please report any silly bugs to me asap (like misaligned textures and locked doors not being locked etc, i tend to make those mistakes often)   With thanks to: Awesome feedback: @Chamelenoel @AnonimVio Assets: DrDoctor's Texture Pack http://realm667.com/index.php/en/texture-stock-mainmenu-152-97360/doom-style-mainmenu-153-87237   Recommended Mods: Smooth DOOM is awesome.   Works with: Beautiful DOOM Brutal DOOM   Future Plans: Get someone good at doom to run the maps and give me some par times. Perhaps touch up the final room on map04 (I'm having a bit of a creative block at the moment)   (The PK3 is the newest version, I've kept the WAD in-case my conversion to pk3 went bad, if you have any issues with the pk3 play the old wad version) Download: (Links Updated 2020) Link 1: http://sixcyn.net/files/doom/wads/DarkHarvest.pk3 Link 2: http://sixcyn.net/files/doom/wads/DHARVEST.wad   Video(s):   Screenshot: