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Need help with splitscreen 3DGE controls.

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Hi I'm new to the forums and I would like to ask for help with this. When I attempt to play splitscreen, everything is fine, except for one thing. And that is that when one player does something the other also does it. (Example. If player 1 fires a gun/switches weapons player 2 also does it) I'm using the setup up of player 1 using keyboard and mouse and player 2 using a joystick. Is there anyway I could seperate the two player inputs?


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Sorry about that -- it broke right around the time we did our move to SDL2.


I will try to make this a priority so you can play split-screen with the port as soon as I can. Input separation is on-going in the source at a deeper level, but I should be able to cook something up rather quickly so that second player is forced to use joystick, for the time being. 

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