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Cool Online Tools Thread

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Things that can be useful or at least an interesting way to pass time in more unconventional ways that aren't really games on their own.

Something that you think others in this site would appreciate.


A quick sketch painter tool, for when you have a drawing but don't want to spend a long time painting the whole thing to test color schemes. Just doodle a few lines here and there and it will do it for you, so you have an idea of what a color scheme would look like. Small example here with an image I downloaded.




Hero Forge

For fans of tabletop games that use miniatures, or anyone who likes RPGs and would like to come up with character looks. It offers a wide variety of clothing from different genres, items, poses, etc. If you like the figure enough and would like to have it for any reason you can have it printed and sent to your place for reasonable prices. No painting option though, as that would be up to you (though you could probably try painting it in Photoshop, Paintschainer even or something).


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