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Castle of pain.

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I liked these "skull switches in boxes". Finished the map on my second try, only 40% kills !?! But I don't want to play it again, stealth monsters :(

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Cartwright! Dunno if you remember me, we used to exchange maps like... 18 years ago. I've continued to stalk the archives over the eons for your maps, unconventional and weird yet fun in that odd way that a Jim Flynn map is fun.


Enjoyed this little map, but had some problems. As @vdgg mentioned, about half the enemies are unkillable due to ammo constraints / require mouselook / never wake up. Not that a player REQUIRES 100% kills but this doesn't seem intended. Transparency on some skin textures rendered them almost invisible (can barely make one out above the caco corpse):




Also the play area in this shot suffers a bit from "bumpy floor syndrome". Lastly, player can get stuck in some weird places in the poison pit here, but it's only -2/5% dmg, so if you got the megasphere that's a very long time to wait unable to move and slowly dying.


While I was playing this map, I was getting a very "this feels like it would be a fantastic Doom64 map". If you are still in the mapping spirit I wonder if you would consider re-texturing/balancing it for Kaiser's Doom64EX engine? Or would you let someone *cough* make the attempt? It could be a good excuse for me to learn to map for that engine...

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A few small things I didn't like, some are question of personal taste:


Deserted areas, most notably the big room with the blue armor.

Too much baron / hellknight in the first part of the map.

It's possible to drop in the fissures in the room with the berserk on top of a thin column, and I couldn't find a way to get out.

Many fights can be easily ignored, most notably the area where you get the plasma, RL, Chaingun & SSG together.

Was there a chainsaw behind the exit? Maybe there's a reason, like MP or something, but it didn't seem very useful.



Edited by guineu

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1) maybe my fav new texture wad for me to discover.

2)Overall enjoyed the map.  Great looking map.  I liked the floor levels and pits.  Gave the map some depth and a sense of fear of falling into the pits while fighting. 

3)I agree with @guineu don't like the empty areas.  Even some zombies to add a little more umph.

4)Also agree that a lot of the fights are ignored.  Saw a whole room of Imps I didn't even have to go through.  And didn't fire a single shot at the Cyberdemon.  Just let him kill the knights and ran in to hit the switch.


But overall, killer looking map that I enjoyed.

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