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Hanging gore on 3d floor?


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Okay. You still haven't specified the port.

It's probably going to be one of only a few things, UDMF, ZDoom, Hexen, Boom or Doom.

You can check by looking near the lower right hand of your Doom Builder window. It should say which format you are in.

Once you have given that information, Doomworldians will be able to better address your needs, as there are different ways of doing the same thing across ports.

It is absolutely crucial that you add this information into your post. The effects of not doing this is potentially catastrophic. We can likely rule out Boom because lets face it, if you can do 3D floors in Boom, you probably don't need help with this. So there are at least three other formats that you could be in. ZDoom, Hexen and UDMF all support 3D Floors.

I already gave you the answer to your question. You may need to use ACS (Action Code Script) if you're using Zdoom or Hexen format. https://zdoom.org/wiki/ACS  UDMF should allow you to do it from the properties menu.

This question is about as answered as it can be without additional information.

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24 minutes ago, hawkwind said:

First off, you need to specify which port you are mapping for.

Yeah sorry I had typed it in there and was editing the text ...must have forgot put it back. I am using slade 3 and modeling for zdoom using doom format

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Also I was about to mark you comment as the answer as you had given me what I needed. I was replying with ZDoom and doom format for people who might find this post in a search...just to be thorough. Thank you for your help. I don't know why my searches didn't bring me to that page...the wiki has been a bible to me since I started modding doom.

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All you have to do is change the thing's Z height offset in the thing properties inside GZDB. Adjust it until it sits right onto the bottom of the 3D floor. Note the thing in question will need the +SPAWNCEILING flag obviously. Positive numbers added to the Z offset will move the actor down and it will stay there. Essentially you are adding enough space between the ceiling and the actor so that the 3D floor fits between them.

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