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updated version of isthisawadyet

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a few days ago i made a topic asking for help fixing a corrupted wad i made called isthisawadyet and it was eventually fixed by a user called dl_simc after that i edited the wad in Slade 3(original was made in doom builder 2) and here it is isthisawadyetv2.

info: the wad adds only 1 level that is very short and can be beat two ways and is not too difficult. it uses the doom 2 iwad and i made it for gzdoom and tested it in gzdoom however it will run in zandronum and i haven't tried any other sourceports.

in terms of themes i went for a smallĀ  indoor military base/hangar area with little "showcase" areas and the game play is mostly just: grab key card kill enemies in room repeat.

the screenshot of the gray door and the showcase starting room is a example of the broken areas of the wad since the door will open but it's texture will just change instead of opening of course you can still walk through it so don't worry about it and the steps that lead to the items will have invisible doors/walls cover it after you step on them and sometimes will trap actors. also i made it for singleplayer and 2 player coop so there is no deathmatch spawns if someones wanted me to add dm spawns or just add more coop spawns i will.





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The pictures remind me of a wad I saw where the door would open normally but then close into the floor permanently with a wall blocking the entrance, as if it was a wall all along. A strange but unique glitch. Is this it?

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