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MTF Sergeant

How much time will it take for you to escape the Saw traps

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Trap - Reverse Bear Trap.

Key: A camouflage coloured lockpick.

People to kill: none.



This was just an example. You can create a Saw trap with your own modifications. Try posting one here! Ask others how they would escape it! And let's see how far this rabbit hole really goes.


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Force someone to play the SAW video game for 24 hours. Every time they die in the game, another 2 hours gets added.


Truly, this is the most brutal and inhumane thing the SAW movies will ever do to someone.

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Well, there is this one trap that doesn't make sense. Does anyone know the trap from Saw 2 where a woman gets attracted to some drug enclosed in a glass case with sharp razorblades as openings and as soon as she goes for the drug the blades cut her wrists? I mean, WHYY?? The character should have enough brains! If I ever see something I really like enclosed in a glass case with sharp openings, I would tip the fuck out of the door.

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