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Is there a such thing as a Random Level Chooser? Random Map Select? Thanks!

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Just like in the title, I have a lot of maps, both vanilla and mod, that I would like to randomly play in the latest GZDoom or Zandronum 3.0 with bots (deathmatch, whatever) or single player.  If it exists, I really thank you if you could possibly link a wad that randomly chooses maps out of the ones in the wad you are playing... like a random level select button or something.  Also, if it is not made and I have to make it myself, just give me some pointers and I will be sure to figure it out.  I wouldn't want to ask you to make it.  I think that would be rude. :D  Thanks so much!

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Offhand, it's probably possible to load the wad from a bat file that randomly selects a number from 1-32, and then goes to that map using -warp. As for how to select a random number, I'm less certain.

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