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How do I make sub catagories of textures in slade?


It sounds really confusing, but basically, I have my Directories down and all. I'd really like them in Subcategories when I open up Doom builder and see the different texture directoies if you know what I mean, is that possible? GOing beyond just "Texture" and "Flat" ??

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I'm not sure what you're talking about.


SLADE3's map editor categorizes textures only by their source wad/pk3 and by whether they're textures or flats.


Doom Builder categorizes textures via name patterns defined only in Doom Builder's own configs and editable through Doom Builder's Game Configurations.

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Okay, so you were indeed talking about Doom Builder and not SLADE3's map editor. In that case, see what I said about Doom Builder above.

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