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How to Properly Rename multiple things in slade without replacing extra letters?


I know you could just do Rename each, but that would take so much time just  to do for 331 textures, and all I want to add is RC_ at the start of each of those textures without pushing the letters in or deleting the letters in the original texture name, and just being able to add the initials at the start?

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Highlight every texture u need with shift. Right click > rename > type RC_******(Amount of stars may vary, depends onthe length of longest texture name in your wad)

Youll get this

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With the Rename feature, replacing letters at a given position in the words is as good as you can get. You might be able to do better with the latest SLADE3's scripting. Note that lump names in wads can be at most 8 characters long.

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