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4 hours ago, Chow Yun Thin said:

I just see cKoO8nm.mp4 and NrPX38t.mp4.


It seems like Imgur didn't want to upload my GIFs properly... go figure.

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On 10/22/2018 at 10:07 PM, YukiRaven said:



More work on my Quake project.  I decided that this map needed a better starting room.


this looks beautiful. the colors, lighting, geometry, all look so well done. I love it :D

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A rather short match but Versus mode is fucking awesome. The Smoker is also my favorite zombie.

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Heh, I remember Entryway was pretty popular for the first game too.


OMG, the Vosh 9mm! I don't even wanna know the odds of getting it now with all of the original weapons having Vault Precious skins, and those damn Vault pajamas and facepaints for each character.

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Steam is giving https://store.steampowered.com/app/204880/Sins_of_a_Solar_Empire_Rebellion/ for free for like 1 day. It is the most recent game I played sooo I think I can just write about it here.


It is like a hybrid between civ, warcraft 3 and starcraft. It is hindered by a useless tutorial and terrible default settings (Everything takes ages, APM almost doesn't matter). You colonize planets in a galaxy (Or several) and phase jump between planets in a race to dominate the galaxy. To avoid spoilers let's just say you race to control the biggest empire through a strong military or like a sneaky bastard (think of research victory in civ). The game provides a LOT of maps, online multiplayer works well but beware since the game is old and many matches ask for experienced players only. I know I talked almost nothing about the general gameplay beside giving general notes but you are better off judging it yourself (Although I do suggest playing on higher speeds, default takes way too long).

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