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I was digging through my olde screens and found the only thing that's left of my HeXen 2 project... a few screens. Don't think I posted them on here before. The levels were mostly Blackmarsh themed. I started some stuff in Mazaera but didn't get far with that. I also had a map based on a stone age temple. All this was made using Qoole, a editor I bought on a CD in a retail store. Qoole was a decent editor but it had some bugs. There was one bug that I ran into that wrecked maps unfortunately but I forget what it was. Between Qoole barfing up maps and hard drive fails and myself deleting things all of this is gone to the void. It was good practice tho.




The rest are 640 x 480.


















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@Doom_Dude so much of great work! I love this heavy style (massive rocks, big gates, gothic and neoroman). Even developers of Hexen 2 had big problems when made this game. Compilation times were long as hell, it was one big pain in ass to build this game. But they did it :)

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Thanks Teder. Yes the compilation times were brutal sometimes, once you made anything of any size / complexity. And I thought DoomCad was slow when I had to wait around for it to get done on a mid sized map. At least with DoomCad you got to watch the colored lines. lol. It's really no wonder why some of the maps in Hexen II are fairly small and they used a hub system to connect them. I wonder what the early Mill level looked like before the author said fuck this and encased in a boxy room. haha.

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7 minutes ago, tempdecal.wad said:

Fresh Meat! still like to play it from time to time on Sven Co-op lol.


I'm up for some Sven if you're interested.

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Can you see that? Here, I'll make a little zoom.




I've got two targets on sight.


The older Delta Force games always seem to fall under the "shoot at those moving pixels" kind of gameplay.

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Through the magic of admin console commands, I have turned my Starbound character into the good ol' Slayer!


Here seen with his BFG (aka Doom cannon)


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Bonus kinda glitchy stuff:



A dancing imp:




And a T-posing imp:




Thank you @Teder for mentioning Doom 2016's photo mode. It's pretty fun :)

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16 hours ago, wolfmcbeard said:

I love almost everything about Morrowind, except the combat, still a great game though.


I've always found weird how people complain about the combat in that game. Isn't the combat in most RPGs a matter of trading blows and rolling the dice? I guess the fact that it's in first person makes it weirder.

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Morrowind was the first RPG I ever got into, my mother got me the GOTY edition for the og xbox back when I was 15, same day as Doom 3.
After that I realized that not all good games have bullets, the rng hits were still off putting at first, but I got used to it though Oblivion and Skyrim spoiled me.

Edited by wolfmcbeard

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3 hours ago, Avoozl said:

I never really liked how memes are put into secrets of games.


Me neither. Put something cool like Easter eggs, not memes.

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3 hours ago, seed said:

Me neither. Put something cool like Easter eggs, not memes.


Well, there's still plenty of other references :) I found Dangerous Dave in the same level.

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1 hour ago, Chow Yun Thin said:

So is that shotgun going to become a full-fledged UT flak cannon?


Probably not (as much as I'd love that), but it does launch grenades now.

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Got a solid new mod list set up for Skyrim Special Edition, here's a couple of screens of my new HUD before I really get into it.


Also, me getting my ass kicked by a level 1 ghost...

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