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So many memories of playing the original They Hunger mod for Half-Life, all from a PC Gamer disc. I actually had completely forgotten they continued it.

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Shame it was never finished, the levels are well made and pretty much playable and have exits but it feels like I'm aimlessly wandering around, it lacks those radio recordings of the original trilogy, the story wasn't fully implemented, I found various radios that do nothing outside of being props.


Also there's no item_suit, so no HUD either, and the intro level is broken.

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Oh that is indeed a shame that it was left so unfinished. I remember playing the first Hunger mods way back when. So much fun spent playing Half-Life mods like They Hunger, USS Darkstar, Azure Sheep and Poke646. Others I don't really remember the names....

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More "I f,ckd up moment from subnautica"
I'm gonna finish this game today or tomorrow

Edited by HUNdebLeonidasX : One of the picture is a huge spolier

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On 8/29/2019 at 3:19 AM, Rince-wind said:

Not my own screenshots, but still wanted


Death Skid Marks

This is an awesome game... until you get up to the bosses.


I also want to say this thread has been a great art gallery of randomness.

Edited by geo

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17 minutes ago, geo said:

This is an awesome game... until you get up to the bosses.


Yeah, it's a coin toss whether you're gonna get a boss that's immune to your loadout. So usually I'll just have one ranged and two melee members, it works out fine most the time.

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4 hours ago, ([zen3001]) said:

could tell me what game this is? looks really interresting


As Rince-wind said, Avernum. Avernum 3 to be exact. Spiderweb Software operates on a shareware model, so all his games are free to try.

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