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Recently discovered the HD reflections and HUD resize mods, the first actually fixing visual bugs and only adding some optional enhancements. It also allows the player to choose from 3 car reflection mods - X360, PS3, and the original PC ones.


Car reflections were one of the main issues on PC as they made the cars look like mirrors on wheels, way stronger on PC than both console versions. The PC version also suffered from other downgrades such as reduced traffic density, deliberately locked widescreen resolutions, non-glowing scenery, among other issues. The HD reflections fixes the majority of them fortunately, making the game look much better and closer to the X360 version. It's a shame they had to make the PC versions inferior to the consoles as Microsoft game BB extra money specifically for this purpose, to make the 360 version the best. In this image I have the fixes enabled + the X360 car reflections.


Carbon's still one of my favorite NFS games from the BB era, but I wish it was less rushed and more polished. Carbon went through many iterations and it was originally a much more complex game, but halfway through development things took a different direction, and a lot of the cut content still present in the game files reveals just how much was cut - from canyons being free-roamable to crews being much more complex, Kenji playing a bigger role, and cut game modes, safe houses, car lots, and so on and so on. I heavily disagree that the final product is bad in any way, but it certainly shows that the devs didn't have the time to properly polish it and had to leave stuff out to release it in time.

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^looks amazing but I'm going to wait for the full release











Just played through "Cradle to Grave NEW BLD EDITION" with Fresh Supply. This reimagining of two classic maps is great fun, especially in co-op. Hopefully the entire campaign gets this "Blood on Steroids" treatment one day.

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2 hours ago, Lila Feuer said:

It's finally the time again to go through this beautiful beast of a game.


I did the same a couple years back. There was a lot I had forgotten about.


The very first time I played Unreal it made my computer cringe hard. I had a lot of the graphics turned off and it looked like ass... good times. Have played it a few times since tho.. lol





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On 12/2/2019 at 11:37 PM, Lila Feuer said:

I appear to've hit some arbitrary file size limit, so here's only a few Q2 shots!


Doomworld has a 50mb limit to files. I use Imgur for all my images.


Quake 2 is looking good there.


Here is a few Prey screens.









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Got to love dying near medikits, it was pretty much insult to injury when the character fell on to it.


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This is my Killing Floor 2 OC. I call him The Bling King.





A crude joke screenshot made funnier by the fact that an NPC came running through the doors just as I took it. He's shocked.





Teddy bear couple.





Running from Death.





Max Payne 3 is a really fun game to take screenshots in. If you pause the game and press Y, you can hide the menu and pan the camera around Max.













And lastly, here are two atmospheric screenshots that I'm pretty happy with. The first one is from Dark Souls, and the second from Far Cry 5.







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Man these people had messy offices....







And the Petersons delivery guy slipped on a banana peel...





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Got tired and bored of vanilla Diablo + Hellfire, went back to The Hell (the first one) which I had only first tried and last played in 2012 and I'm remembering why this is the de facto way to play the original game. The Belzebub mod is really good too, but it's more like Diablo 1.5 and strays a little too close into Diablo II territory, whereas The Hell is like if Diablo had gotten all its planned expansion packs and updates to the game. Oh, and if Hellfire also didn't suck.

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