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4 hours ago, jupiter_ex said:

Never ran anything under vulkan so I don't know. Strange it didn't even apply a blur filter to the textures.

i disabled the texture filtering.

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It looks like, for whatever reason (mipmapping maybe?), vkquake2 still has the resampling code of the original game which downsamples textures to make their dimensions powers of 2, so that's probably why its worse looking than usual. It would look like that in the original game's GL renderer.


Basically all ports for many years now have allowed NPO2 textures since almost every model skin is NPO2, so I have no idea what's up with vkquake2 on that front.

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Doom3 still looks good. Problem for players were that you had to soak it in. And, it had it's fair share of problems ofc. But the atmosphere was fantastic.


Anyway. Ego trip time. A few shots from the game I am making.




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@kristus I agree, Doom 3 has incredible art design and I find myself longing for something simpler than what Doom has become now but also something that elicits the horror aspect of the game as well. I also have a soft spot for D3 now because of being a huge Alien(s) fanboy.

E: It also reminds me of an underrated PS2/Xbox game, Run Like Hell, which the game director Brian Freyermuth said that Doom 3 is what he wanted RLH to be instead of how the suits pressured it to turn out.

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7 minutes ago, Slipgate Tourist said:



this is Test Drive, but which one? 

(or a Test Drive clone?)

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5 minutes ago, Slipgate Tourist said:

It's Vette. The game has a really impressive open world for its time.




oh, cool! Didn't know about this one at all, I guess there might be a few more I never saw from the same time and with the same dashboard look. Loking at the pictures a bit closer, the actual gameplay graphics seem more 3D than TDs ones.


(image from TD2 for comparison) 

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Test Drive is great too. I like to revisit the second game from time to time. I find it very relaxing with the right kind of music in the background.


The series went 3D after the Duel and the result was pretty horrible, sadly.




Putting "modern" hardware to good use :)

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1995 Arcade game hit that took arcades by storm.  Nobody could believe what they where seeing on the screen, new flavors for the game world. 


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Scientist: "Guys, I'm just going to play a Doom wad to pass the time. Let me know when you've dealt with the alien menace. Do try to keep the noise to a minimum. K thx bye."

(Game is Alien Shooter 2 Reloaded)








Edited by Slipgate Tourist

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Chilling out on the dark side. My goodness these droids are tougher than expected from a distance, but surprisingly mediocre at close range.

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