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On 9/13/2020 at 12:37 AM, MadeMan said:

Those 3 Vikings Are REALLY LOST!


awesome game. Lost Vikings 2 isn't bad at all but not as good either. I have both on a SNES emulator on my cellphone, good fun ^^





Edited by kalaeth : adding lost Vikings II image

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Started playing X-Com: Terror From The Deep.


My base. The ocean terrain is randomized with xcomutil.



On a mission, the gillman survived the grenade, but got stunned next turn. Then there was some kinda buggy invisible alien inside the ship.



A night mission. This was scary. Spotted an alien right away, the rookie took a shot and killed the alien.



Team leader in a brand new plastic aqua-armour. Used xcomutil to make gauss weapons have unlimited ammo.


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Testing out the new L4D2 episodes with a friend only for him to die of laughter when I looked at him, this screenshot is why (I'm Ineptus Astartes)

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16 minutes ago, Argenteo said:


try hugging the troll. Most of the are only angry because they feel lonely.

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