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Ceiling Perpetual Move?


Is it possible to have a ceiling that functions the same way as Platform Perpetual Move (i.e., the ceiling constantly rises and falls between two specified points with a specified wait time when it hits top or bottom)? The closest I can find in Hexen format is the Ceiling Waggle, but it doesn't allow a reverse delay, and the speed of the rising/falling motion seems to slow as it nears the top or bottom points because of the sine wave function. It just doesn't look quite right to me. I suppose I could create a whole bunch of voodoo doll timing trickery, but is there a simpler way to do it that I'm missing? Or if voodoo dolls are needed, what's the simplest setup you've figured out?

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If you're mapping with ZDoom features, two ideas:




1) Make the moving ceiling sectors on your map as they should be and give every sector a different tag number (say A, B, C). Then create a same amount of connected dummy sectors and see they get their own tag numbers (say D, E, F).


Use Sector_SetLink action in a ACS script to link/attach each map sector A-C ceiling to it's own dummy sector D-F floor. Then make an other ACS script to start Platform Perpetual Move for D-F floors. Now when the dummy sectors D-F move their floor heights, the real map sectors A-C ceilings will follow that.


2) Make 3D floors as your moving ceiling area's visible ceiling (= below the real ceiling, each sector with a different tag and own dummy sector). Then set the 3D dummy sector floors to do the Platform Perpetual Move. If you join the 3D dummy sectors side by side and give their floors different heights, this should move the 3D sector's down side, which is shown as the ceiling in the map area.


This way wouldn't need ACS and would allow the same tag for every 3D dummy sector. But the 3D sector texture offsets might look strange (but that could be dealt with giving different tags to each dummy sector and using ACS Sector_SetLink attaching.)




Not sure of how they'd actually look or behave on the map. Both require tinkering with the heights.

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