Doom Builder X 2019.1 - map editor
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alternate mirror Doom Builder X is a map editor forked from CodeImp's Doom Builder 2 by me (Anotak).
DBX is intended as a continuation of DB2, in design and spirit. Bugfixes, optimizations, and tweaks to keep DB2 up to date with new formats like EE-UDMF are the goal. I intend to preserve your workflow from DB2, and if anything I change interferes with that, please let me know. DBX can be installed side-by-side with DB2 and will keep track of its preferences separately (but will copy DB2 preferences it finds the first time it loads). DBX shares compatibility with plugins and configuration files from DB2. changelog: download link
alternate mirror
dbx, like db2, is GPLv3. the latest source code is here