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8Bit Shocker

MIDI (and Metal) composer lookin for a collaboration on WAD

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I have just finished my MIDI soundtrack for Relinquished's map titled "'Lunar Core" which is his contribution to Nova III project and I can't wait to start a new collaboration.
Here's preview of my work which you will hear in Nova III
link to YT

And here's preview of my metal idea for a track. My dream project would be a dynamic 4-6 map Wad with tones of monsters to slaughter. I'd love to create metal music for something like this. Although I know that quality of my productions ain't best (I can't even afford to make it better ;-; ) maybe someone will be interested.
link to YT



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1 minute ago, Chamelenoel said:

I would use it in one of the maps of our upcoming megawad if you want. Though I would like to listen to more tracks of yours first.

Which one? If first: I don't want track for "'Lunar Core" to be used in other wads. It was made to fit this one map.

I prefer composing tracks for maps than givin tracks I finished earlier.

Here u can listen to album of mine, it ain't MIDI or Metal (it's chiptune) but it's connected to Doom for sure.


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3 hours ago, Royal_Sir said:

It'll be perfect for my megawad of monotextured single rooms with cybies in them.

Sure man, I can make you some mono megatracks made of single note for this one

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