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Cyb Sucks At Headlines

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Aaaaanyways, Nick Perrin sent in an email to update us with what he's been doing over at his Doom page. Firstly, he fixed a few bugs in his mod D2M, except he then proceeded to screw up his own copy, and now he's looking for help finding the original version. If you have a copy of D2M, you should probably email him. Secondly, he's started a new mod entitled "Marines of UAC" or "MoUAC" for short. Moo-ack. It has it's own page here. Apparently it's for EDGE.

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Cyb said:

Doomnation is back!

If it's .com I cant see shit. If it's .net then it's under reconstruction.

Linguica said:

God help us all.

We'll live linguica. Trust me.

BTW what's the competition between DW and DN? Design? If so, i can provide you some help :D

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doomnation is a site that was around a few years ago. Cyb used to run it and mewse was another updater. It was famed for its er, informal attitude to news updates: look at the headline for this news item. When Cyb says "doomnation is back" he means doomworld is turning into doomnation.

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From a piece of news by Cyb:

"Can anyone tell me where the damned yellow key card is in Hell Factory. I't starting to annoy me. Bah."

So Fraggle, attitude, huh? What on earth are you talking about! ;-)

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