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Doom 3 Differences

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Does the Physical Release version of Doom 3 have any differences between the Steam one (Doom 3 not BFG One)


Cause im planning to (Hopefully) buy Doom 3 Physical edition

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I think not, I once owned the Physical box of Doom, buuut I well... sratch the disk a bit. But I buy it in Steam and there was no big difference. Although, I do recommend you that you buy BFG Edition instead. Its more fluid and also includes The Lost Missions expansion pack.

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I have tried both CD-Retail and Steam versions and couldn't really notice any difference, I would recommend the original 2004 Release instead of BFG Edition or buy them both if you feel like trying the Lost Mission, BFG Edition kinda dumbed-down difficulty by adding more Health and Ammo on levels.

EDIT : Also 2004 Edition if you want mods.

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