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The Ultimate Torment & Torture: Supportive Edition

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Ten years ago, the Ultimate Torment & Torture was uploaded to /idgames. A lot of things have been said about it. Some good. Some bad!
But for me, alongside Scythe 2, Dissolution, Psychic, Equinox, Agent Diaz, and other things, Ultimate Torment n' Torture is one of the old projects that got me into the Doom community and inspired me to start modding it. I've long since went my own direction with my own philosophies and ideas, but even now looking back I can't help but be fond of this mapset.

And now, here we are, ten years later. My, how time flies.


The Ultimate Torment & Torture is a mapset by Tormentor667 that's a rework of his Torment & Torture series, with an additional episode (Havoc) added on. At the time, it was the strongest display of GZDoom's capabilities, especially for maps, with custom textures, custom sprites, custom enemies, custom weapons, ACS accentuating every map, and more. It won an award. Fun stuff.
Ten years later, and gameplay mods have become a huge thing--possibly one of the biggest selling points for using GZDoom over other engines. Gameplay mods have exploded both in popularity and ease of use to make. They may not be the "proper" way to play the game, but it's fun to go through mapsets we love and experience them in a brand-new way.


In February 2015, Skillsaw came out with Valiant, a truly magnificent mapset. It made use of custom monsters and weapons combined with his skill at mapping and created something astounding. In December 2015, Skillsaw took it and made a "vaccinated" edition, removing the custom monsters and weapons and replacing them with vanilla equivalents, providing an alternative mapset that people could play with gameplay mods. It wasn't the intended experience at all, but it sure was fun to go through.
This is the same thing, but for Ultimate Torment & Torture. For the most part, this is still the same mapset as Ultimate Torment & Torture, only extremely minor changes to the maps have been made for streamlining gameplay (i.e. the open courtyard on TNT01 is no longer cluttered with stalagmites, the lowering-pillars on TNT04CN lower slower, etc). The only major changes have been in enemy placement, variety, and what type of enemies there are; with this, people are now able to play through with the gameplay mod of their choice, providing a new way to play the game.




- Converted .mp3 music to .ogg
- All custom weapons removed, replaced with Doom equivalents.
- Added chainsaws in every episode.
- Replaced custom monsters in maps with vanilla equivalents, outside of boss battles and a couple secrets.
- Removed stealth monsters.
- Edited ACS that spawned custom monsters to spawn vanilla monsters instead.
- Dehacked blood definition removed.
- Custom marine friendlies replaced with ZDoom friendly marines.
- Custom projectiles (BFGBall, plasma ball, Arachnotron ball, etc) have been removed.
- Custom bulletpuffs, sparks, casings, blood and gore effects, and etc removed.
- Removed low-health script on all maps.
- ACS titlemap and intermission no longer conflict with gameplay mods/monsterpacks that have their own titlemap/intermission.
- TNT03B no longer conflicts with gameplay mods that have their own intermission music.
- Removed all non-prop-based GLDefs.
- Custom definitions removed from Decaldefs.
- For mods with custom life/health systems, Source Guardians drop medikits.
- Corrected QWATER TERRAIN error to QWATER1.
- TNTLE no longer changes the music to another track on resurrection.
- Voice acting is put in a separate .pk3, so as not to conflict with gameplay mods that have a female protagonist or an already-defined voice.


https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4p2zWkJEFFtMVcycUs2YmNJRlk/view?usp=sharing - Mapset download (53.8mb)
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4p2zWkJEFFtS0JVZUpkMjlGU1k/view?usp=sharing - Voice acting download (2.47mb)

Edited by TerminusEst13

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Oh, that's where the files were. Downloading~


Now I've got the original and a version I can use Hearts Of Baron for. :D

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