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Material Question

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Dealing with materials, I'm trying to rewrite the gui/hell/stamina material to scroll only a single TGA but getting it to do 3 things simultaneously, that is, scroll, have translucency, and exist within the box for stamina is proving to be difficult. Currently I have it written:

        blend    blend
        map        guis/assets/hud/mp/lstafill2.tga
//        colored

        map        guis/assets/hud/mp/lstafill2.tga
        scroll time * -1, 0
//        colored

This reuses the top part of the original code where lstafill2.tga has an alpha channel the shape of the stamina bar. Since I don't want all the effects that the original material had which combined more than one image together, this has been a challenging material to figure out so I'm sort of lost at this point.

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