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Cybercontrol: A Bad Wad For Bad People

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Small update I meant to post a while back:

Most of the maps have demos now, 14-17 and 32 are missing maxes/exits.

Are you a bad enough dude to beat those maps?

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It was supposed to be 32 maps, but I lost the mapping flow and called it done.






Full version coming fall 2019.

Pre-order now!

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I verified that map07 can be exited using void glide and impse glide. Whether that's of any real use, I'm not sure.

Edited by Grazza

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Bug: the secret exit is on the wrong map (map16, not map15), meaning its destination is not well-defined. This can be fixed with a simple renumbering of the maps. Existing demos will not be lost -- they can be fixed easily with a hex editor.


Edit: Bug: map13: thing 10 (archvile) in sector 171 apparently cannot be killed, the sector never rises or is crushed or whatever.


Edited by RjY

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^ Fixing that seems like a lot of work for little reward, its not like anyone is gonna do a d2all max anyway right?



On a more serious note: The map with the secret exit was originally in the map15 slot but for some unknown reason I moved it. Some time after posting this thread I was running through the maps(for some other unknown reason) and when the secret exit didn't work I was like: Eh, fuck it. Does the fact that the secret exit doesn't work add to the charm of the wad? Maybe...probably not.


As for the archvile thing, it was supposed to infinitely ressurrect the mancs and I had no intention of crushing it when I made the map. But I screwed up and made the pit too small without noticing, another "fuck it" moment happened and here we are. Charm? Anybody? I'll let myself out...

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