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My orginal pixel graphic(s?): lizardface edition

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So I had this ambitious mod idea, and it would star some reptilian alien protagonist. I thought it would be totally cool to have a mugshot, and I wanted it all original, but I wasn't sure where to start, so I started looking for the mugshot of the red dragon from that old FPS about a guy who can shapeshift, but not remembering any names made it rather tricky. So instead I just tried to find any images of front-facing reptiles, found the most suitable gecko-face, put it next to my canvas, ignored it entirely, and ended up making this. What do you think? 59bad15b8df22_LEGITSNOUT!v003.png.175e892067ec686dd69b1d8531d89578.png

59bad300831fa_LEGITSNOUTDELUXE.png.1275bed56555d3c9541f9859d9757aec.png Here's an enlarged version.

The whole mod is supposed to be in something of a cartoon style, flat colors and all, but I seem to be having problems with that. At one moment I'm just making a simple texture, I turn away for a second and the next thing I know, it's full of gradients and noise. It's mostly just a habit. But this snout for instance, it felt like it was too small to be flat shaded? Flat-shading can still look smooth if it's not made of big blocks, in pixel art antialiasing is a much bigger deal... I dunno.



And while we're at it, here's one sidewalk texture. There should be dirt underneath, but I don't really have an idea how to draw pixel art dirt. Especially cartoony pixel art dirt, whatever that means. Dirt is basically just a bunch of grains, how do I flat-shade that? I'm having the same dilemma with plain concrete or other things without much any major features besides the literal texture of its surface. Would plain color be okay? Would sprinkling a bunch of dots (or dashes if it's wood or grass) be okay? Am I overthinking it too much? Maybe I just need to look at more examples, I don't know.



And finally, here's a bunch of sprites I feel more confident about. They were made for an ECWolf mod, but I guess I gave up on it. I think they would fit well with my latest project...


Actually, maybe I should reuse some textures too? They could fit nicely too.

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Don't know how the lizard fits in, but it does look cool. A proper city setting would be awesome.

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