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Post your Display Background

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You know, the one picture most of us see the most on our screens. Post yours, and if you think it requires explaination, ask or explain!


Heres mine.



Started out because I thought is what funny as hell (Jayden Smith spews out a lot of faux philosopher bullshit) and this wallpaper just tickled me. And I haven't exactly replaced it, its been my background for about a year now. I use my computer in studio, so some fellow students get a laugh themself when they see just what it is.

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For the longest time I used this one:




It came with my laptop. I haven't downloaded any custom wallpapers for a very long time, one reason being that I stopped caring, and another one - default ones are often optimal when it comes to contrast and being able to discern icons easily.


Two more in the same vein:




Even though I preserved them, right now I'm using the default W7 background:




It's nice, like a clear sky on a day when the weather is just right. I even used it when I briefly went back to Vista. Vista has some competently-made blue wallpapers, but they picked the kind of colors that feel more like being underwater.



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52 minutes ago, Impie said:

What is this from anyway?

That's plastic beach,a place in Gorrilaz lore 

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