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Angry Saint

Crypt Marauders Chronicles

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Crypt Marauders Chronicles is a shared universe created by writers Lorenzo Davia and Alessandro Forlani.

The stories of "Crypt Marauders Chronicles" take place in the dark Thanatolia, a continent used for millennia as a cemetery. There are tombs, crypts, sarcophagi, cemeteries, catacombs, mausoleums, cenotaphs, ossuaries, etc ... rich in treasures and dangers.

There are only two inhabited cities, Handelbab and the port of Tijaratur, whose inhabitants live in the trade of treasures and artifacts, and from where the Crypt Marauders starts their adventures. There is a rich market both for ancient artifacts found in the tombs, which are exported all over the world, and for maps of cemeteries and treasures.

Nobody knows why past civilizations have decided to erect their tombs in Thanatolia. The tradition of burial in this continent is still present, and it dates back to the Old Empire, which had dominated the world and collapsed millenniums ago. There are tombs of ancient and unknown cultures, and some tombs have not even been built by humans.

Unscrupulous grave robbers, necromancers and outlandish adventurers explore the tombs and supply the markets: but digging too deep can be dangerous, especially where there is a terrible entity waiting in the darkness...

This is a background free for use for setting stories (an anthology is in the making), games and videogames. If you like the background, you’re welcome! Just please remember to specify that it is set in Crypt Marauders Chronicles created by Lorenzo Davia & Alessandro Forlani.


I think this can be of some interest if we are looking where to set some wad or mod or open source project (like Blasphemer or Zauberer).


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