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A portable installation for the OSX version of GZDOOM?

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According to this article, the Mac OSX version of EDuke32 allows you to store the Duke Nukem 3D game data, as well as any other files you wanna use (like the HRP), inside the .app under a certain folder. If you put the config files for EDuke32 in there as well, then the source port can run off a flash drive with pretty much no dependency on a Mac's hard drive, thus making it VERY easy for me to play EDuke32 on library computers, Mac and Windows.


I tried it and it does work. BUT, I tried doing the same thing for GZDOOM and it didn't work. It always tells me to put my WAD files and other stuff onto the Mac hard drive, which I can't do since every Mac I use is a library computer.


Is there a way I can get GZDOOM to function completely off a flash drive taking whatever it needs from within the .app, like EDuke32 does? If there isn't, could you please consider adding it as a feature later on?

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I can tell you that if no post is made on the Feature Suggestions forum at ZDF, no such thing will ever happen. Our only active Mac developer does not come here often that I know of.

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I just won't bother then; I don't wanna have to go through the trouble of registering on another forum just to ask one question. Thanks though.

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I went ahead and posted this same thread on ZDOOM forums, and according to them, it IS possible to run GZDOOM portably on a Mac...


So here's what I did:

I put the four DOOM IWADs and my Windows gzdoom.ini in the MacOS folder inside the GZDOOM app. Then I put nerve.wad and the Master Levels outside the GZDOOM app but in the same folder as it. Then I tried it. I loaded DOOM II, pinpointed GZDOOM to my ini via the command line box in the launcher, and BOOM, it worked! I just had to do a little editing to the ini to make it fully Mac-optimized, but now it's perfect.


Feels so good that I can play GZDOOM on both Windows AND Mac now, instead of having to rely on either Chocolate DOOM or DOSBox anymore (no offense).

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