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basic problem with whackED4


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WhackEd doesn't edit wad files directly but it creates a DEHACKED lump that'll change the Doom behavior.


Dehacked lump works with almost every Doom port. To get the deh lump play you'll need to use Slade to import it into the wad. Or you can run the lump with the game engine the same way as a wad file: 


prboom.exe -file mywadfile.wad -deh DEHACKED.txt
gzdoom.exe -file mywadfile.wad -deh myDEHACKED321.txt


In comparison MAPINFO has more features but it works only with GZDoom/ZDoom/Zandronium ports. And with Doom Builder 2 MAPINFO still needs Slade to import it into the wad.

To create a new deh patch in WhackEd4 create a new file. (Doom 1.9 or Boom format might be the best.) You need to give the Doom2.wad path. To change the MAP07 intermission text go into "Strings" section and search the list until you find the default text: "You have entered deeply into...". (It's near the end.) Edit the text and save this change with some name. If you use Slade to import it in the wad, the lump must be named as: "DEHACKED" in Slade.




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4 minutes ago, genericpainelemental said:

so how do i import it with Slade

Open the wad in Slade, choose Entry > Import (Ctrl+I), select your deh file. If needed rename it as DEHACKED in Slade. Save. Run the wad and see if the monsters will win after MAP06.

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In the string editing window delete the whole original text at first. Then type the new message. MAP07 entrytext is C1TEXT in the Boom format, entry 135 in the Doom 1.9 format.


Try to avoid special charactes as they might even crash Whacked itself. If you're using Whacked 2 the "/n" character combos mark the end of each line and moving to the next line. WhackEd 4 don't show them in the editing window.


Dehacked lump itself is a txt file. It can be created and edited with notepad.exe but using WhackEd is handy because it makes the syntax correct and all the needed prefix lines by default. If it's still wrong, post the dehacked file in here... But try fixing it by yourself first!

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