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Wad Showcase - What's Your Wad Resume?

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I noticed when I mention which wads I've made it surprises people that I'm the same author who made this, that, and the other project, so I put together a video montage of all the Doom wads I've made that are worth a crap. I invite you guys to do the same and just compile a list of everything noteworthy (EDIT: as in, you'd bother bringing it up in a discussion) that you've made over the years, and maybe links for where to get them. I think it'd be cool to have a collection of lists of people's stuff all in one place on the forums.


Check the video description to skip to certain parts of the video.



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1 hour ago, Eris Falling said:

Noteworthy? Here is my complete list:

i mean stuff you finished and give a crap about. I have a few little maps floating around the 'net that I pretend don't exist.


6 minutes ago, NEANDERTHAL said:

I've released 2 maps so far: BRIMSTONE!, and Final Chambers. We don't talk about HELLSHIP.

Now I'm curious. Is it like a Fight Club thing in that if I talk about it I'll get banned?

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Idle Doom got two video reviews on Youtube, plus an article on Rock Paper Shotgun. I guess people liked it.


I still love all my maps equally, though. From the Shrooms and my NOVA 3 contributions to the one that didn't get into WOOO3.

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I have noticed a lot of resistance to talking about ones own creations/wads. Does this community think of it as being in bad taste? 



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5 minutes ago, DemonusDefunctus said:

I have noticed a lot of resistance to talking about ones own creations/wads. Does this community think of it as being in bad taste?

It's possible, plus we're all our own worst critics. That's why I was hoping people might just list the stuff they did. They can talk about them at length if they want or just remind us what they've done over the years.


Partly it's cos I like the idea of having a list of wads with one name attached that I can sift through on a rainy day, and a lot of new members probably would too. There's a few members with wiki articles and lists of wads, but usually only if they're pillars of the community or were bored enough to add their own to keep their wad articles organized.

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22 minutes ago, Impie said:

i mean stuff you finished and give a crap about

Ahhhh, I see :) Here's my revised list:



In all seriousness though, maybe my Mayhem17 map since it appears to be the only half-decent map I've finished so far. The maps I really care about are the ones that end up abandoned :|


P.S no reluctance from me, I'm just not much of a mapper :P

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Just now, Eris Falling said:

Ahhhh, I see :) Here's my revised list:



In all seriousness though, maybe my Mayhem17 map since it appears to be the only half-decent map I've finished so far. The maps I really care about are the ones that end up abandoned :|

Oh that's right! Which one did you contribute again?

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It's currently MAP08 I think, with the palm trees and insane conveyor belts launching items etc.

While mayhem this year seems to have made good uses of Boom's lesser-known features (largely down to its non-Doomy setting, I suppose), I feel like they are generally quite underused. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough but conveyor belts for example, don't seem to be used in most WADs for stuff much beyond behind-the-scenes stuff like transporting voodoo dolls.


Then again when a feature doesn't behave consistently between source ports it's not surprising that issues can arise and put people off of using them...

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Well if not counting TCs or gameplay mods then this is all i have:


UAC Vinur Prime Research Base
Industron CTF

Akzos City

Doom Reinforced Mapset

So far only UACVPRB was properly released and not being an adaptation/unfinished project.

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36 minutes ago, Eris Falling said:

It's currently MAP08 I think, with the palm trees and insane conveyor belts launching items etc.

While mayhem this year seems to have made good uses of Boom's lesser-known features (largely down to its non-Doomy setting, I suppose), I feel like they are generally quite underused. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough but conveyor belts for example, don't seem to be used in most WADs for stuff much beyond behind-the-scenes stuff like transporting voodoo dolls.

Ah yeah I remember that one now. I think my thought process had something to do with I Love Lucy in the chocolate factory, during my panic attack and subsequent hasty death. lol


I can't think of any mods using conveyor belts in the level itself, either, so that was kind of a refreshing surprise. I know I used them to annoying effect in Strange Aeons.


18 minutes ago, Zanieon said:

Well if not counting TCs or gameplay mods

Those totally count.

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Sure, I'll pimp my stuff.



Quantum Strike

Boom Format. 3 maps + 1 bonus ranging from micro to macro-slaughter. Can get very hard on UV.  


Skindustrial District

Boom Format. Also map19 in DMP2016, though I made an update later fixing some minor bugs and visuals. Can get very hard on UV.



Obliterate Anomalies

Limit-removing format for Ultimate Doom e1m8. Slaughter-ish. Can get hard on UV, though easier compared to the others above.


Currently doing some stuff for Nova 3, DMP2017 and SlaughterMAX.

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I've finished and released:


Shadows of The Nightmare Realm (2017, GZDoom)

Extreme Terror (2016, GZDoom)

One Doomed Marine (2010, Doomsaday)


And that's pretty much it.  I also worked on a megawad called Kill waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day, but it was never finished, and is nowhere online that I know of.  It's definitely not in /idgames.  However, the ones listed here are all in /idgames, and for the two ro three other crazy people in the world who still uses it, my Gopher page: gopher://nanako.mooo.com/1/doom/

Edited by YukiRaven : added dates, link

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ZDoom Wars. The latest me-approved incarnation is here: http://zdwi.neszone.net/


Doomvengers: Earth's Weirdest Heroes

Currently Doesn't run on the latest GZDOOM. I'm working on an updated and finished release. It's here: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=33349&hilit=Doomvengers

I actually always play map sets with it. :)


Those are really the projects I've done. A Sprite set or two in a resource thread on the ZDoom Forum is all, otherwise?

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56 minutes ago, valkiriforce said:

For reference there's also The WADmaker's Discography Thread for some neat lists. In fact I still check in once in a while to update my list.

Hell I wish I'd seen this one earlier. Thanks for the link!


1 hour ago, nxGangGirl said:

Step 1) Go to my profile

Step 2) Press [about me]

Step 3) Read it

Holy crap, people actually fill those out?

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I'll have to do an About Me like @nxGangGirl, but for now, let's do this by year and project . . .



No Pity - 1st map, released into the dead zone of the AOL MacDoom Library ;D


1996, Realm of Chaos megawad;

Map09 - Machine Gun Etiquette

Map18 - Dead Radio

Map19 - Port Fury

Map22 - Nova Akropola

Map23 - Ancalagon

Map27 - Venom


1997, Realm of Chaos megawad, updated;

Map06 - Splatterhouse

This map was actually taken from Abcess in order to replace the original RoC Map06 because it was deemed too similar to Military Base


1997, into the AOL MacDoom Library

Airbase, Elfstomp!, Disraeli, Mordecai


1999, to idgames/gamers.org, as are all future releases.

Disraeli, Elfstomp!





2014, Doomworld Mega Project 2013

Map19 - "Don't Touch That Dial!" This map is notable because it's my first map in the Amiga Demo Party style


2014, MAYhem 2048 community megawad

Map25 - Heat Miser. My most extreme map so far released, and my personal favorite of the available Amiga Demo Party maps. 


2017, Doomworld Mega Project 2016

Map13 - Ancient Base. This is actually an almost unchanged version of Airbase from 1997. 


2017, TNT:Revilution community megawad

Map04 - Blood Factory

Map14 - Abandoned Port



Abcess - 6 maps modernized from their 1997-1998 versions, including the previously released Splatterhouse, Disraeli and Mordecai



Upcoming releases;

Shotgun Symphony. A 9-map replacement for E1 of Ultimate Doom. It's down to the final tweaks.

Realm of Intensified Chaos. A massive remix of my original 6 Realm of Chaos maps with reworked architecture and much nastier difficulty. Might be done before the year is out.


Longer term;

Grinning Like An Undertaker, The Amiga Demo Party of Doom. A full megawad in the hardcore slaughtery style. 3 maps finished, a mere 27 to go!

The Ghosts of Neptune. A survival-horror episode, probably for Ultimate Doom.


Okay, that's a whole heap of self-promotion, but you asked. ;) Just imagine if pcorf shows up and does his vertically, too!

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I also utilize the About Me section to list my stuff. I recently updated it to include a couple more unreleased community project maps that are floating out there.

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3 hours ago, nxGangGirl said:

Step 1) Go to my profile

Step 2) Press [about me]

Step 3) Read it

One of these days I'm going to fill out all of my public contributions this way :)


EDIT: Well just spend a half an hour on my about me on my profile because why not.

Edited by Philnemba : add list of my release wads

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5 hours ago, Impie said:

Those totally count.

Well then, beyond those i already mentioned:

original Doom Reinforced (my ultimate crap, first wad, ambitious and out of experience, nothing good was made in it with exception of specific maps)
Doom Reinforced CTF (i think this is my second weirdest thing ever done)

Doom Reinforced Core (reboot attempt, gameplay was good in frenzy terms and chaotic as well but i decided in not remake anything of Doom Reinforced anymore)
Hunter's Moon (my actual long run project, still in progress and probably will stay like that for the next few years)

I thinking about making a list of this stuff in the "About Me" section in profile as well, seems good to make it as a hub for everything a person has ever contributed to the community.

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Who is the ultimate Doomworld journeyman? The level designer with the greatest number of maps across team-based or open CPs but with not a single solo release to their name? I wager we can reach some lofty heights in this age of freewheeling contribution.


I'll start the embarrassment at 33 maps, 7 years and 8 months. Bring the thunder.

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1 hour ago, Zanieon said:

Doom Reinforced x3

Yeah after a while working on the same project gets old. I thought about doing a sixth PE episode but decided to just start something new instead.


And nobody wants to be the guy who keeps updating the same project for like fifty years. Well, most of us anyway.

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I only created and submitted Greymood map in idgames. I'm planning to update that map, because I noticed some small non gameplay related issues.

Various community project related maps still needs some work from my side and my list will be bigger. I won't talk about my first maps, because obviously they're not so good to mention.

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Oho, another thread like the "wad discography" one? Nice, I love these kind of threads where I can boast about my wads haha

Jk aside, here is my list of stuff. I will of course only put the ones I've actually published and, my work in progress that I find to be on the serious side. 


-E1M8 Remake, 2010


The very first map I ever published on the idgames archives. It's just a generic eXmY replacement with, I'll admit, a blatant rip-off of thunderpeak's starting area (a failed attempt at doing so haha). The map plays like crap, you are stuck with the shotgun for about 3/4 of the map and, in UDOOM fashion, you do have to fight a few barons along the way (yes, before the actual boss fight). The final area is of course, the pentagram shaped arena in which you fight a bunch of barons and later-on, realm667 barons and shit (archons and cybruisers). 

I would not really recommend this unless you wanna see my debut as a mapper. 


Of course, being the first map I ever published, it does have some sort of sentimental value :) 





-Undersired reality, 2013 


3 years later, I'm back in full force (or so I think). I did release a few maps for CPs but more on that later. This map replaces e4m1 of UDoom. Why e4m1? Well, the map started as a remake of e4m1 but, as I went on, I realised that I couldn't do alot with just that one map so, I added a few areas from my imagination as well as reworked areas from UDOOM (notably e2m5, e4m8).

The map plays better than the first but, I still had along way to go as well, it was extremely linear and rather time consuming too. Threat is almost non-existence (save maybe the final boss fight but even then...) and you will have more than enough ammo/health to breeze through it. The map is more on the aesthetical side I guess and, it was a way to showcase what I had learned from my previous map. I'd defo recomend playing this over the first map I published but, compared to what I do today, it is very night and day :) 

Map is still for zdoom. 




-Travelling to the moon, 2016 


My first serious attempt at boom (or prboom+) mapping. I think I managed to craft an interesting map this time arround. My aim for this map was to make a non-linear map where the player could explore it in any order he likes. I think I suceeded in that attempt although, it is true that players will, most of the time, chose the yellow key path first as it contains quite the weaponry heh. The difficulty is definitely higher than my previous releases although, I'm sure most doom veterans will find no problems in that aspect haha. 

Aesthetic-wise, I was heavilly inspired by skillsaw's lunatic (minus the moon rock texture) although, I did try to put my own style into this I guess. I color-coded the different paths so that you know which path leads to which key and so on. The map takes place in some sort of techbase/rock hybrid environment with water and stuff. I tried playing arround with some shadows abit although, I think I just gave up at some point lol. 


I'd most defo recommend this. It is probably my best effort to date (as far as single map releases are concerned) and, I think you will have a blast playing through it. 





Maps that are part of community projects: 


-Water control, DWMP13, ZdooM/Udmf, 2013 


A short map I made for the doomworld community project (2013). I made this one in about 3 weeks total and it was also my first try at UDMF, not that I was unfamiliar with zdoom mapping. It takes place in some sort of mountain (the skybox supposedly represents that) and is a mix of well, rocks and tech. It uses zdoom features although, I wanted to used them sparingly this time arround so that the maps stays mostly on the classic side of things. It has a few sliding doors, one or 2 3d floors and a few slopes here and there but that is about it. It also has a few scripts but they are used mainly to indicate what a certain switch did and all (camera and stuff). 

Gameplay is pretty straightforward and is not so hard. It is quite a linear map with a few corridors but, I guess it's an ok map for one that was done in only 3 weeks (on and off) heh. 


If you wanna play it, it is part of the DWMP13, in the zdoom wad (map 04). 





-Canyon complex, 2048 unleashed (pcorf), boom/prboom+, 2015


My first boom/prboom+ map ever made and also, the first map I did with a set limit (2048x2048 mu space in this case). I think it turned out pretty good in the end and, it even made it in the main set. I don't really have anything else to say about this map aside that it is pretty short (duh) and not so hard. 


If you wanna play it, it occupies the 8th slot in the aforementioned wad (2048 unleashed).





-Crimson Wood, DWMP16, boom/prboom+, 2016


A map I made for the doomworld megaproject 2016. I wanted to work on a different theme this time arround and thus decided to make a hell-based map with alot of red/crimson (hence the title). Map also has alot of wood elements because I feel as though the combination between redrock and wood textures is pretty cool. The main liquid is blood. I also edited a sky from plum's skystravaganza for this map and it seems to have been quite well recieved haha (even though I just did a basic color remap).


Map is fairly challenging although, I'm sure you will get through this quite easily-ish heh. It is, in travmoon's fashion, non-linear in a sense that you can grab the first two skulls in any orded (I like doing this alot now heh) and well, each skull is guarded by a few traps heh. This map has a few nasty traps although, nothing impossible haha. 

It took me about 2 months (on and off) to design it and, I entered the project fairly late, to the point that I submitted my map on the 31st of december 2016 xD

Anyhow, if you wanna play it, map 28 of the dwmp16. 


Be advised that the version in dwmp16 is quite outdated as I had no times to tweak it. There may be a few bugs here and there but nothing too serious. Also, there are NO difficulty settings for the same reason heh. I plan on eventually releasing the map separately (alongside other maps in the same style) but that wont be anytime soon heh. 





-Arch-angels, Cereal killer, boom/prboom+, 2017


This is a map that has no official idgames release but, that I submitted to the ongoing "cereal killer" CP (lead by crunchynut44). The project is still in alpha/beta stage I guess but, a playable version of my map is available to download (alongside other great maps). For this map, I decided to go with a VOID theme so expect a bunch of 242 created fake floors in which the player "hovers" through floor detail (I love that boom action heh). 

Difficulty wise, I'd say the only area that might cause you trouble (and this is just me) is the blue key fight. The rest is quite fine as far as difficulty goes. Not necessarily easy but fair. 

If you wanna play through it, you will need to have the latest version of "cereal killer". I think it is in the later slots (like map 18 or something, don't really remember). 






-Upcoming maps


-Orange Juice, Tangerine nightmare, limit-removing, 31st of october 2017 (Estimated release date of TN)


This is map that is gonna be part of an upcoming mapset called "Tangerine nightmare". It is a project lead by franckFRAG, over at the french doom community of which I'm also part. The project is set to release in october this year (for halloween). My map for it is done. 

I'd show pictures and all but right now, I'm too lazy to do so xD (will update later). I'm sure some of you guys have already seen them either way so. 


Link: TBA



-Travelling to the moon II (working title), Boom/prboom+ (cl9, maybe 11), maybe this year


The sequel to "travelling to the moon". It will be set on the moon (for real this time) and will use many textures from valiant's episode 5, alongside a few custom edits by yours trully. The release date is not set yet as the map is still under heavy development but, I hope (I really do) to have it done sometime this year. 

If you wanna see some pictures and all, here is a link to the thread: 



That is about it for me. 






Edited by Yugiboy85

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I started mapping in 2016 so I made a few maps for now. :)


1) I created four maps for the project "3 heures d'Agonie 3".Those were my first maps. Some screenies :




2) Not related to Doom , but I've made a big map for Chex Quest. The map is called "Spyro's Stellar Base" (a very weird name lol) and contains more than 1000 ennemies. This map has a lot of various places like a big city or a spatial area.




3) I created a map for "Doomworld megaproject 2017 , it's called "Corrupted industry". This is vanilla-compatible and the goal was to recreate the feeling of Hell Revealed 2.




4) I made an another HR2 style-map later which take place in a jungle/mountain map. This map is bigger and longer but still vanilla-compatible.



5) I'm currently working on my map for the french project "Tangerine Nightmare" that I've nearly finished. However an another map was supposed to figure in the project but I've cancelled it for various reasons.





So , there is a screen of the cancelled map ( maybe sad , but I don't regret it).







Edited by Roofi

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