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Wad Showcase - What's Your Wad Resume?

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3 minutes ago, Jon said:

Can I assume then that you don't have a copy and it's not on /idgames?


This is precisely it. I can remember liking the two maps (even if they might be pretty-cramped, as was my mapping style back then) and lost them to time/old computers, and given the relative lack of Heretic stuff in /idgames thought they may be a nice, if dated, addition.

This is already way more than I expected, many thanks in advance even if searching is ultimately fruitless. :)

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The whole not-so-big listing of ETTiNGRiNDER releases (including releases for other games) can be seen here: http://ettingrinder.youfailit.net/myprojects.html

The only things it doesn't count are some of my older resource-type junk that may still be available on Realm667 and/or my ZDoom forum resource thread, and a handful of files I put out over a decade ago under a different handle, but those are another story.

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I'd like to see a feature on the Downloads section where you can easily sort through maps by a single author.  It might require some curating, but it'd be a nice way to discover the discography (as it were).


Personally I've had three releases.


  • My first map, Foursite, in late 2016, which took me about a year to make.



  • Secondly I did Spiralunky for the Doomworld Community Project 2017, which is really just a little gimmick map.
  • Finally, I did probably my most proud work: The Shuffling Madness for Confinement 256.  I used so many Line Portals so far with that map I ended up breaking GZDoom with previously unknown bugs (that thankfully were fixed in the latest release).

    However, it's literally the last map in the wad, so I wonder how many people actually got to see it?

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58 minutes ago, Bauul said:
  • Secondly I did Spiralunky for the Doomworld Community Project 2017, which is really just a little gimmick map.

I remember Spiralunky when you posted it and I personally thought it looked incredible.

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1 hour ago, Bauul said:

I'd like to see a feature on the Downloads section where you can easily sort through maps by a single author.  It might require some curating, but it'd be a nice way to discover the discography (as it were).

I would agree that would be a good thing to have. I don't know if you would like to list it by individual maps by an author (such as this author made standalone map X, standalone map Y, and then map12 of Megawad project Z) or if you would list it by WAD files in which the author participated (such as Standalone map X by Author 1, Megawad Project Y by Author 1, Author A, and Author B, and then Megawad Project Z by Author A, Author D, Author 1, Author 5, Author X, and Author Z).


You could expand to include all files in general, I suppose.

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So after a bit of hunting, I finally tracked down the old Deathmatch map that I made way back when. Fragmentation was made back in June of '99, when ZDoom was just a year old. I originally wanted to call the thing "Frag Mountain", but went with a brown motif rather than the grey of the SP_ROCK1 texture due to a certain grey marine having too much of a camouflage advantage during bot testing, something that isn't much of an issue these days with players being able to choose their color palette. I was in love with the railgun mutator back then, but I hadn't participated in a lot of Deathmatches back in the day, so I didn't know about things like lag that would affect your accuracy with hitscan weapons.


Fragmentation was a fairly small, fairly simple and rather amateurish little DM map -- four small rooms with staircases leading down to a small central arena with a rocket launcher. Four lifts with shotguns on them leading up to smaller rooms connecting to the big rooms, and four watery tunnels connecting the four surrounding rooms. I mentioned way back when that the map would be better as part of a DM megawad than as a standalone due to the small size. The music was composed by Kniggit, who may or may not still be around these parts, and is still rather awesome. I may want to use the music in question as part of a greater project, as quite frankly, I am not satisfied with just leaving it in this wad.


I may end up doing a remake of this map, expanding on the base of eighteen years ago, because there is a LOT of stuff about the map that could use improvement (weapon choices, ammo placement and use of torches being the big ones) and a LOT of expansion that I can make. I may even turn it into the base for a single-player map, because if nothing else, I have a pretty solid foundation to work from.

Edited by Dravencour

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I'm not quite up there with pcorf or Walter C., by I have made a lot of stuff. Let's see if I can remember them all...


Old Map Compilation (aside from 2 of them)



White Light (updated 2010, then again to go into the Justice Pack)

Scars of the Wounded Prey (Quicky 1; Updated into the Hunting Pack)

Coils of the Twisted Tale (Quicky 2)

Justice - Infernal Mechanics (Quicky 3; updated and in the Justice Pack)

Claws of the Enraged Beast (Quicky 4; Updated into the Hunting Pack)

Small Dark Twisted Computer Lab (Quicky 5)

Blood Red (Quicky 6)

Twisted Joke

Phobus' Fragments of DAC 2009

Virus Shareware Demo Release (discontinued after E1 was released - full monsters set was created for ZDoom Wars, though)

Big Woodchip


Escalation I

Escalation II: Centurion Night

Loathsome Cleft

Urban Escape

Hell Inc.

Ascent to Damnation

Phobus Doom Episode 1: Base Invaders (incomplete, but released anyway)

The Tiny Double Pack (episode 2 is incomplete, but released anyway)

The Mouth of Death (with my brother)



Water Resource Wad (abandoned, but the effects and textures mostly weren't mine; the enemies are poorly drawn but have mostly seen use)

Virus Resources (complete enemies, weapons, pickups and HUD scripting; incomplete textures)

Impaled Zombieman

Sabreblade (on Realm667, made with Bouncy)


Community Projects:

Community Chest 3 MAP18

Community Chest 4 maps 03, 07 and 13

Plutonia Revisited Community Project MAP14

Plutinya 1024 MAP23

MAYhem 2012 maps 01 and 06

MAYhem 2048 MAP23

MAYhem 1500 maps 16 and 22

Abyssal Speed Mapping Session 2 MAP03

Abyssal Speed Mapping Session 3 MAP02

Abyssal Speed Mapping Session 4 MAP02

Abyssal Speed Mapping Session 5 MAP03

1994 Tune-Up Community Project MAP16 (with others)

Doom II Unleashed MAP10

32-in-24 11: Occupy Doomworld maps 25 and 40

ZDoom Catch the Chicken 4.0 MAP05

Too Much Brown Texture Pack Demo Room

Ten Community Project maps 05 and 16

ZPack E1M2, E2M1 and E2M0

ZDoom Community Map Project Take #2 (mostly the Hell section)

Nova MAP11

TNT: Revilution MAP20

Doomer Boards Speed Mapping Session Yo MAP05


I think that's everything that I've actually put on the Internet in some capacity... Maybe I'll update this with links, years, etc. if ever I'm by a computer

Edited by Phobus : Updated with latest map contribution

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Never thought I would post in this topic, but here goes. Big moment for me.


Two maps published for Pigeon speed mapping. Map01 Gravedigger's Lot and Map02 Dead yet dreaming.


One map completed for Nova 3, Dante Allegory. Probably going to make an other but I find myself staring at the editor screen where I got like 6 different versions I started, fiddled around with and then stopped.

One map completed for Eagle speed mapping 07 - That followed me home, then I feel asleep and missed the second session by seven hours. :-þ

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Gridlock project - Map 21 - Through And Around (I quite like what I made there. Put some unique things, like teleport wormhole & other things.)


Doomworld Mega Project 2017 - Isolation (More proud of this one. It's ambient & it has decent mapping detailing.)


Used to map a lot but wasn't quite happy with the outcomes, so I deleted those maps.


Now, I'm working on my E1 replacement & been mapping slowly & having fun instead of making it a chore, which it did happen to me & it wasn't a pretty picture.

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Disjunction (Boom-compat mapset, 11 maps).

Plus contributions to Texture Extravaganza (Map16), Plain ol' Doom 2 (Map24)  plus some other ones.

Oh yeah and that one map using Epic2 textures.

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37 minutes ago, Liberation said:

Can I complete my page, if I just keep it a simple list or is that considered being a cock?

Don't worry, just add whatever relevant information you think is missing.

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I have made Ice Sorcerer's Castle which was my first ever Heretic map,Glacies which was my second and Scrap Metal which was the first Doom map i released though i don't want people to play them anymore and instead play SERIOUS SIDHE!!!


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On 9/18/2017 at 4:28 PM, Jayextee said:


2001, I believe. I was quite prolific then, it would appear. This was before burning myself out on the ill-fated Murderous Intent 2 in 2002 and then my long hiatus.


Well fuck a duck I am amaze-balled but I found it :) I'll PM you a link.

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Well, I've been doing this a long time so here goes:

Bloodworks: http://www.doomwadstation.net/bloodworks/bloodworks.html (fully 3d - totally kick ass map - my best map hands down)

Mitnal: http://www.doomwadstation.net/mitnal/mitnal.html (Another fully 3d, totally immersive map with shit you've never seen)

Dilemma http://doomwadstation.net/Dilemma/ (not 3d - but you have two choices and that determines the how the game plays out for you)

The Hub: http://www.doomwadstation.net/descent/descent3.html  (awesome play along with awesome design and shadowing)


Those are my best. The rest can be found here. I don't upload my work to /idgames



Edited by Brad_tilf

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So, my mapping stuff got a bit bigger when I last time commented in this thread: 

3 maps in Pigeon speedmapping sessions.

"Dream above the sky" in Joy of Mapping 05.

"Eternal winter" in Confinement community project.

"No Apologies" in Recycled community project.


Well, list will grow bigger in the next year for sure after I'll leave creativity/mapper block. 





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I have been mapping for a decade and I dont think I have any solo releases that I will lay claim to, let alone put on a figurative resume.

But I have mapped for many speedmap sessions.
Final products that I think are worth a playthrough in ASS are
Session 9, map05 (Also the best precursor to my speedmapping style)
Session 12, map09
Session 15, map06
Session 19, map10

Session 20, map19 (My magnum opus) Dont say you werent warned.
Session 24, map07
Session 24, map31

Session 29, map06 (If only this wad existed)


In terms of actual community projects that are showcase worthy:
Mayhem12 map04
Mayhem17 map18 (I think)

TNT2 devilution map 0X and 2X (wait and see, tee hee hee)

32in24-14 map15

5rooms of doom map01

That concludes single player stuff

Multiplayer maps are also community based

32in24-11 map34

32in24-13 map03

32in24-15 map15


32in24-12 map12

32in24-16 map08


CGI1 map19

CGI1 map24

Well this went longer than expected oops my bad

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I'm working on a wad called "Retribution Dawns". In this wad, the levels are designed to appear to be interconnected. You will go back to parts of previous levels. A demo that goes up to MAP06 has been released and a demo that goes up to MAP10 is on the way.

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On 29/12/2017 at 11:13 PM, Jayextee said:

Jon for Cacoward. I don't know of any excuse, someone do it. ;)


Finally managed to play through e1m2 again fully. Lots of fun, HUMP E1M8 reminds me of it a lot :)

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Humm, I have some work to put into this..



Random Deaths & Decoration (2015 through 2017)


Doomer's Domain (original file dates to Jan 1996)

The City of Despair (Jan 1997)

Half-Lifed (Aug 1999)

The Unnamed Base (2003)

SampleDM (Aug 2003)

AlphaDM (Aug 2003)

Chris's Best of Best (Dec 2004)

MAP07 Clone (May 2009)

Not So Simple (May 2009)

Stoned (May 2009)

Iconic (May 2009)

Abyssus (Jun 2009)

Centrum (Jun 2009)

Maledictio (Aug 2009)

Tormentum (Aug 2009)

Uncertain Doom (Mar 2010)

Edgy (May 2010)

Chapel of Chaos (Jul 2010, collab w/ Jodwin)

Chris's Hangar (Dec 2010)

Tech Crazy (Jan 2011)

Shards of Glass (Jan 2011)

Simple as Cheese (Jan 2011)

Nukage Dump (Jan 2011)

Cold Steel (Jan 2011, collab w./ Mr. Freeze & Hellbent)

Hellbrary (May 2011)

Marine's Folly (Jun 2011, collab w/ valkiriforce)

Clear Focus (Aug 2011)

Whack (Mar 2012)

The Damned / Dark Passage (Nov 2012/Jul 2013)

Ultratower (Feb 2014)

Ultra Anomaly (Feb 2014)

Ultra Dis (Feb 2014)

Santo's House (Dec 2014)

I just added this in my "About Me" as well, all are linked there too.

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