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ZTDM - 2v2 TeamDeathmatch Tournament

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Welcome to the Zandronum Team DeathMatch tournament. (Click HERE for the Zandronum thread)


It will be the second good TeamDM tournament on Zandronum! This tournament will be ran and hosted by good old Razgriz (again) and myself. Let's start off with the simple stuff.



-2v2 format

-Signups start now and end Saturday Sept 30

-demos and screenshots are required on conclusion of tournament match

-practicing is encouraged

- Do NOT sign up if you aren't motivated to play


Time limit is 10 minutes and Frag limit is 75

Team damage is on

There is a force respawn timer on, at 5 seconds

Wad will be https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/download.php?file=zandrotdm-v-1i.pk3



There will be 2 divisions, ideally of 4 teams each. Division 1 will have the higher tiered players.

Find yourself a dance partner and give yourself a team name, then sign up. There is plenty of time to jump in the practice servers and play with a bunch of different people to find who you like playing with and trying it out if you haven't before.

≈Signup format
Names of players:
Team name:


im1hpu0/stipsi - Maronna's Team
alfonzo/marcaek - Wheelchair Warriors
shift/ral - Dirty Sanchezes
fonze/rdwpa - 
Dew/loveless - Vinegar on Salad
killstrike/rezmah - Furry Doomers
galactus/dsparil - Power Fraggers
zakken/ammar - Multiple Scorgasm
rosking/TMD - Bloodhunters
Proteh/Unknown - 2ez4dapros
Ivan/Decay - The Jajas XD
Razgriz/Jdagenet - The Slim Reapers
Mr boozer/Mr Pencil - Meme Police
dranzer/Razor - Where's the Mans At
Thomas/Nik - Sauerkraut
doomkid/mr glide -
saltmine and fm33 -
shotgundemolition/battle kirby - SkawtonDreddnut 
mondo bizarro/a7mad - Completely Handicapped
42percenthealth/kprice45 - Black Sheep


-Official Servers will be hosted on TSPG and DoomShack

[TSPG] ZTDM Practice Server zds:// (Run by Decay/Razgriz; admin is TSPG crew)

[DoomShack] ZTDM Practice Server zds:// (admin: Doomkid, Mr. Crispy)

[NY] Own-age - ZTDM Practice Server zds:// (admin: Proteh, Unknown Starwind)

[Fr] Own-age -ZTDM Practice Server zds:// (admin: Proteh, Unknown Starwind)


For the practice servers, the password is ztdm2017

Official tournament servers to be up soon too.


Map Picking

Each team will pick a map and agree on a tie breaking 3rd map if necessary.

-no re-picks of previously played maps

These are the maps you can choose from

Dwango 5 map07
DBAB map05
EONDM map01
Skirmish map12
Brit11 map2
Dark goth map18
UDM3 map07
Lazarus map06
Onslaught 3 map14
Exec map09



-tournament will run in 2 phases

First a quick round robin. Each team plays each other in a best 2/3 format.

The second phase will be elimination, with seeding based on the round robin performance. Participation in the elimination bracket is not mandatory, but highly recommended.



Teams who do not make themselves available to play will be disqualified. Team members will be banned from participating in future tournaments run by the hosts at their discretion.

If you do something stupid like a race to the bottom in frags (ie after 10 minutes are up team 1 is at -50 frags and team 2 is at -60 frag), you will be banned from future tournaments by the hosts.



It is highly, highly, highly recommended you be available either on IRC, TeamSpeak 3, or Discord to communicate with other teams and to talk to your own team mate. If you are not around, you run the risk of being disqualified. Don’t sign up if you aren’t ready to talk with others.

Discord: https://discord.gg/gsVSHGK

IRC: irc.zandronum.com #ztdm



Basic NS flags will be implemented, however, jumping is only available on a few maps.

No Respawn Protection

Freelook on (but not required)

Allow instant respawn

Respawn timer @ 5 seconds


Questions? Post them. Sign-ups? Post them too.


Let's rock and roll.

Edited by Decay

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Team players: Alfonzo & Marcaek

Team name: Wheelchair Warriors

Availability: 6pm+ EDT, preferably on weekends. 5–8am on any day also if for some reason ser Canada is awake and willing at that hour.

Edited by Alfonzo : Marcaek

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Putting out a line for a teammate... Little league. Nobody is too bad to be on my team! :-P PM me if you're interested, anyone!


Availability: I'm pretty flexible. Any weeknight after 6pm or so (US Central time), or anytime on weekends. I don't tend to stay up late though -- after 11 pm I'll probably be too sleepy to do anyone any good.

Edited by 42PercentHealth : Included availability

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Unfortunately i will be out town in the period this tournament will be probably held, but i'll try to hang around dmstuff whenever i have a break from studying. training dummys never get outdated

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for what its worth this has absolutely zero affiliation with dmstuff, if you're on discord you're better off in the ztdm server

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nice to know, i have near zero experience with irc channels and even less on who is affiliated with who


Edit: aaaand i'm apparently blind because it was very well written on the op, oh well

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Team players: Open at the moment, but I do not mind who end up paired with.

Team name: Since I don't really care I will borrow paired partner's tag. (Whatever it may be)

Availability: Pretty much anytime on Sundays or Mondays. Tues-Sat I would be available really late at night. Like 1am late. (U.S. Eastern time)

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I'm interested, but am not entirely sure if I'll be able to participate or not due to my schedule. I wouldn't want that to be a problem.

Psyched for the tournament regardless!

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I'm hoping we get a few more people interested, I think TDM is woefully underplayed and puts a very cool spin on competitive Doom

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hi im up for taking part in the 2v2 thing so if anybody needs a partner im here(also currently looking)


whats the tournament rank for Beginners? cause id like to be in that please


i should be avaliable but i do worry that one or two things might come up along the way

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Division 2 will be for the beginners or lower tier players. Depending on how many sign-ups and who plays with who I might be open to a division 3 but we will see as we go along. For now I encourage people to practice either in the 2v2 server (either by asking people to play or joining when it is occupied) even if it is just 1 on 1, or join the public duel/dm servers on zan to get some aiming practice in. For those just beginning, it might so happen that you get smacked up in the servers, but keep trying, everyone has to start somewhere.

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32 minutes ago, Heavyasadeathinthefamily said:

hi im up for taking part in the 2v2 thing so if anybody needs a partner im here(also currently looking)


whats the tournament rank for Beginners? cause id like to be in that please


i should be avaliable but i do worry that one or two things might come up along the way

Hey there! I'm still looking for a partner. I said something on discord, but my message quickly got buried in all the other chat...


So what are your typical hours of availability?

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Here is a list so far of people who have signed up here and on the zan forums. I believe also @rdwpa and @Fonze are pairing up as well (post here to confirm please), @Mondobizarrro and Flynn Taggart are a pair too (please post) and there are still some people in search of a partner. Still plenty of time to find a partner to play, show up in the server to play and find somebody, etc.



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Throwing my hat into the ring



Rd and I will be partners pending a silly team name and the outcome of rd's intense battle with his mouse.


Speaking of, after some thorough research and a hired dick I have a photo of the grueling conflict:


Btw what a beautiful choice for an area to pick up McDonald's wifi. I'm sure that won't affect our chances of success against the evil fonzo-caek regime.


Will post later with a real entry when things are ironed out, but this looks like a ton of fun; I hope a lot more people sign up/show support for events like this :)

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On 9/17/2017 at 10:41 PM, nxGangGirl said:

I'm interested, but am not entirely sure if I'll be able to participate or not due to my schedule.

same here, when will be the tournament? I'm interested as well.

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EDIT: Any calls so far on the existing teams which will end up in Div 1 and Div 2? Are divisions decided by request or are they granted to people? Alfonzo made an interesting point a few ago which made me realize how sucky it would be for some teams if they were erroneously put where they don't belong, just curious how exactly it will be decided and all that stuff. Any team that has reasonably seasoned players, even if not pros, should probably be in Div 1, but then that makes me worried Div 2 will be to small and blah blah. Just curious, want to make sure everything is well and truly ironed out by the time game days begin

Edited by Doomkid

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I would like to apply, but I don't have any idea with whom can I pair up with nor what is my power level :P


I guess if I find someone, I would end up on Division 2 because Doomworld is a fightning anime and I am the noobish character who wants to fuck up the main heroes bad, and pose a lot while doing that. I've already got Discord, but I am not so sure about my (webcam) mike, as I haven't used it much. Icantypequitequicklywhenunderpressurethough. And while everyone is soo busy reading my texts I collect frags and win lololololololololololol


Practice servers you say? Do I have to pair up beforehand? Can I just roll in at random and be paired up with a random soul?


(and before anyone answers why shouldn't I look for other servers, I really doubt survivalcoopinvasion+brutaldoom+complexdoom+ancientchillaxvult is a good ground for training for a more vanilla style thing like this tournament)


Probably related: Theme tune for whoever pairs up with me :PPP

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Hey there, can I join? I am a newbie, but I think it will be fun to enter a tournament like this. I have Discord installed and I am available at CEST/CET 15:00-21:00 everyday, for now (not an expert on local hours, but I think after a certain point we have CET here again, because CEST is just for summer). I don't care that much with whom I will enter as a team, so assign me with whoever you want.


I have some questions though:

1) Do we know what time or date will the event begin? I am asking because I don't know when will my university classes begin (probably early to mid October) and if the tournament is near that time, I might not be able to participate.

2) If something happens from having to meet a friend of mine, to having classes during the time of the tournament, will I just be disqualified from this event or will I be banned for future events too?


On 9/17/2017 at 10:04 PM, Decay said:

-demos and screenshots are required on conclusion of tournament match

I don't know how to get screenshots, though I think I could bind a key or something for that purpose, but I am not so sure that my pc will be able to handle demos. Is this ok?

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Alright let me address some of the questions here.


Re: Divisions

You can request a division, but that doesn't necessarily 100% dictate where you will go. Some memers will request div 2 but are very clearly div 1. If there are enough newcomer teams, I'll make a div 3 (also to shorten up the RR stage).


Re: Demos

You can't tell a difference between demo recording or not in zandronum. Simply turn on demo recording via console or via your doom browser by hitting a button at the bottom




Re: server and practicing

The server is available for anyone to join at anytime by using that password in the first post. Use this opportunity to play against others and find yourself a partner.


It is highly recommended you join the IRC channel or Discord channel  (both in the first post) to talk to other people. There are always people looking to play, so lots of opportunity for you


Re: time


After the sign ups, on Oct 2 or so the divisions will be posted, in which you will have 2 or 3 weeks to complete your games in the round robin stage (depending on how many teams there are). After this, depending on where you stand, will be the elimination rounds, which will be 1 week per match maximum.

There is no specific times on when you need to play or what order of teams you need to play in the RR; you're playing everyone in your division, so just get the games done.


Re: people without partners

There are several of you. Start joining the server and the communication outlets and get together.

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[10:47 PM] Ru5tK1ng: DemonSphere lets team up and win
[10:47 PM] Ru5tK1ng: offer expires in 5 minutes
[10:47 PM] DemonSphere: k
[10:47 PM] DemonSphere: what's our team name
[10:47 PM] Ru5tK1ng: DNP
[10:47 PM] Ru5tK1ng: Don't Need Practice
[10:48 PM] DemonSphere: sick
[11:44 AM] Ru5tK1ng: Decay and update the topic for us


Names: DemonSphere and Ru5tK1ng

Team name: Don't Need Practice

Availability: Evenings CST


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Signing up


Players: IvanDobrovski/Avernus and Decay

Team Name: The Jajas XD

Availability: Whenever you'll see us.


Hey, the divisions are getting pretty full! We already have 8 teams slated for Division 1 and 6 for Division 2; if you're hesitating about getting in to play, don't! Drop by the Discord or IRC and find a partner or play some games with us.

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If you do this again I may sign up when I'm not so rusty and actually have time to play, unfortunately I do not right now. I remember doing 2vs2 a long time on Onslaught 3 and it was a lot of fun. I had to go back and look at MAP14 and that one should be really interesting with BFGs. What kind of jackass puts two BFGs in a single map??

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uh my partner ditched me, looking for a division 2 player that is familliar with me ([vgp] mondobizarrro) or [f5] tsunami (which is my other name) 


message me either on here or on discord @ mondobizarrro#4575

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^ Looks like @Battle_Kirby, @ShotgunDemolition, @Koros, @Heavyasadeathinthefamily and @A7MAD are all still in need of partners. Hey, that looks like enough for 3 teams there already! You guys should all assemble in the Discord or simply start a group PM here on doomworld and work something out, would be excellent to have more teams put together and get more people on the multiplayer scene.


Myself and MrGlide are a team! We haven't picked a name yet, but go ahead and put us down.

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Hey @Doomkid, me and Battle_Kirby are thinking of making a team. We will practice first and then if we both agree we will post here about team name and stuff.

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