Welcome to the Zandronum Team DeathMatch tournament. (Click HERE for the Zandronum thread)   It will be the second good TeamDM tournament on Zandronum! This tournament will be ran and hosted by good old Razgriz (again) and myself. Let's start off with the simple stuff.   Basics -2v2 format -Signups start now and end Saturday Sept 30 -demos and screenshots are required on conclusion of tournament match -practicing is encouraged - Do NOT sign up if you aren't motivated to play   Time limit is 10 minutes and Frag limit is 75 Team damage is on There is a force respawn timer on, at 5 seconds Wad will be https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/download.php?file=zandrotdm-v-1i.pk3   Teams There will be 2 divisions, ideally of 4 teams each. Division 1 will have the higher tiered players. Find yourself a dance partner and give yourself a team name, then sign up. There is plenty of time to jump in the practice servers and play with a bunch of different people to find who you like playing with and trying it out if you haven't before. ≈Signup format Names of players: Team name: Availabilities: Teams im1hpu0/stipsi - Maronna's Team alfonzo/marcaek - Wheelchair Warriors shift/ral - Dirty Sanchezes fonze/rdwpa - Dew/loveless - Vinegar on Salad killstrike/rezmah - Furry Doomers galactus/dsparil - Power Fraggers zakken/ammar - Multiple Scorgasm rosking/TMD - Bloodhunters Proteh/Unknown - 2ez4dapros Ivan/Decay - The Jajas XD Razgriz/Jdagenet - The Slim Reapers Mr boozer/Mr Pencil - Meme Police dranzer/Razor - Where's the Mans At Thomas/Nik - Sauerkraut doomkid/mr glide - saltmine and fm33 - shotgundemolition/battle kirby - SkawtonDreddnut mondo bizarro/a7mad - Completely Handicapped 42percenthealth/kprice45 - Black Sheep Servers -Official Servers will be hosted on TSPG and DoomShack [TSPG] ZTDM Practice Server zds:// (Run by Decay/Razgriz; admin is TSPG crew) [DoomShack] ZTDM Practice Server zds:// (admin: Doomkid, Mr. Crispy) [NY] Own-age - ZTDM Practice Server zds:// (admin: Proteh, Unknown Starwind) [Fr] Own-age -ZTDM Practice Server zds:// (admin: Proteh, Unknown Starwind)   For the practice servers, the password is ztdm2017 Official tournament servers to be up soon too.   Map Picking Each team will pick a map and agree on a tie breaking 3rd map if necessary. -no re-picks of previously played maps These are the maps you can choose from Dwango 5 map07 DBAB map05 EONDM map01 Skirmish map12 Brit11 map2 Dark goth map18 UDM3 map07 Lazarus map06 Onslaught 3 map14 Exec map09   Progression -tournament will run in 2 phases First a quick round robin. Each team plays each other in a best 2/3 format. The second phase will be elimination, with seeding based on the round robin performance. Participation in the elimination bracket is not mandatory, but highly recommended.   Disqualifications Teams who do not make themselves available to play will be disqualified. Team members will be banned from participating in future tournaments run by the hosts at their discretion. If you do something stupid like a race to the bottom in frags (ie after 10 minutes are up team 1 is at -50 frags and team 2 is at -60 frag), you will be banned from future tournaments by the hosts.   Communications It is highly, highly, highly recommended you be available either on IRC, TeamSpeak 3, or Discord to communicate with other teams and to talk to your own team mate. If you are not around, you run the risk of being disqualified. Don’t sign up if you aren’t ready to talk with others. Discord: https://discord.gg/gsVSHGK IRC: irc.zandronum.com #ztdm   Flags Basic NS flags will be implemented, however, jumping is only available on a few maps. No Respawn Protection Freelook on (but not required) Allow instant respawn Respawn timer @ 5 seconds   Questions? Post them. Sign-ups? Post them too.   Let's rock and roll.