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ZTDM - 2v2 TeamDeathmatch Tournament

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Just now, Mondobizarrro said:

i can pair up with you my partner i signed up with dropped out, you fine with me 


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Here is a list of teams and potential teams so far. Due to DS' passing, Rustking is opting not to play.


doomkid/mr glide
mondo bizarro/a7mad



Mr boozer/Mr Pencil

Thomas & Nik


potential teams

shotgundemolition/battle kirby?




As a note, these teams do not need to be finalized until the final day. Start date of the tournament is officially Oct 1st but there will be at minimum 3 weeks for people to complete stage one, once we sort of the divisions bit.

Edit: that's a lot of teams holy crap, a lot more than anticipated.

Edited by Decay

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Ok, so me and Battle_Kirby made a team.

Zandronum names: ShoDemo, BattleKirby (if we change names in Zandronum or I got a name wrong, I will update this)

Team name: SkawtonDreddnut

Availability: Upon arrangement with any team interested to play with us. We will both be starting college soon, so we will have to see first what our schedule is, but surely, we will be able to participate like everyone else.

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Excellent, I expect to see more of these participants in the discord or IRC channels soon???? Would be good for you guys to communicate with the other players and get some practice games in.

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Agreed. When I'm home I'm always on Discord and irc, I urge each and everyone one of you to join the discord and get a feel for things!

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Our team name is Vinegar on Salad. And the rest of you is our main course.

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Wow, 20 teams. That is a LOT. As a result, Razgriz and I decided to close the sign-ups, otherwise the tournament will go on forever. It will still officially begin on Oct 1 (Sunday), but take the time to get into the Discord, IRC channel, and servers now for practice and finding the other participants.


If you were interested in playing, there may yet be hope for you; if a team or individual drops out before the first game is played, I can likely slot you in (depending on the division/group that lost a team).


Stay tuned for the official divisions and beginning of the first stage! Updated the OP with the list of teams. Wad if you don't have it yet (get in the servers!) https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/download.php?file=zandrotdm-v-1i.pk3

Edited by Decay

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Ok wow, Darkgoth map18 is a fucking exercise in sadism, pistol starts are bad enough but pistol starts where you cant even see a weapon and the other team can (unintentionally) wall the spawn off from any potential guns and just kill you over and over since you have nothing to defend yourself with AND your back is to a corner so you can't even SR40 out of it, that's fucking CRUELTY, I want to veto that piece of shit. That worst part is, the layout is excellent really, it's just that the spawns are total garbage and ruin the experience completely.


Onslaught 3 map14 is a pretty good map but man, it simply begs to have jumping turned on.. So many times I was running up a staircase and around the bend, then WHOOPS my face is to a ledge I can't get past, noiiiiiiiiice 👌 👌 💯 💯 Jumping would totally negate this problem and provide the map with the flow it deserves. Other than that aspect, it seems like a fine map.


Something valuable that practicing for this has taught me is what does and does not make a good TDM map - Small, cramped hallways with a small outdoor area (Skirmish map12????) are great for duels but man, they will turn your shit inside out in TDM, unless you enjoy your team mate copping a bunch of your SSG pellets that is. Don't even consider using the RL despite the fact that one of the spawns is right on top of an RL. It's another case of a map that works really well for duel yet is totally incongruent to a game mode where your team mates can take damage.


TDM maps need wider spaces, particularly breezy and open flow and control points that actually work well for a team game as opposed to completely clashing against your every instinct as a player. Maybe I'll put a pack of TDM maps together at some point that actually jive with the game mode after the tourney wraps up. It's been a frustrating yet highly entertaining learning experience, TDM is probably my least played competitive game mode - it's annoying on tiny duel maps that have no place in a TDM wad yet it's really damn fun on maps designed in a way that click with the fundamentals!

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23 minutes ago, A7MAD said:

yay 24 hours left

Yea and I haven't seen you on IRC, discord, or in the server. Same with @ShotgunDemolition Get in there.


3 minutes ago, Doomkid said:

jaja xd

Razgriz: "I look forward to all the input people will have on the maps in this pack after the tournament"


Yes I realize -many- maps were a mistake to pick but we ended up not shuffling the list to prevent debacles of "we practiced for these maps and then BAW NO LONGER THERE"


Also, very easy, don't like a map? Don't pick it. Lucky for you, most people are pissed at the same maps and it isn't likely they will be picked.

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I'm glad that those few maps are fairly universally disliked for TDM, nothing here seems bad at all for general purpose duel/DM. Also I never play TDM, no one ever plays TDM, hence the input being after I actually have played TDM. Most of the maps in the rotation are just fine, those 3 in particular just rubbed me the wrong way. No harm done! I'm looking forward to slapping together a rotation of TDM maps anyway, I like compiling stuff and I have a few in mind that I think would work really well.

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On 9/17/2017 at 3:04 PM, Decay said:

Wad will be https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/download.php?file=zandrotdm-v-1i.pk3



-Official Servers will be hosted on TSPG and DoomShack

[TSPG] ZTDM Practice Server zds:// (Run by Decay/Razgriz; admin is TSPG crew)

[DoomShack] ZTDM Practice Server zds:// (admin: Doomkid, Mr. Crispy)

[NY] Own-age - ZTDM Practice Server zds:// (admin: Proteh, Unknown Starwind)

[Fr] Own-age -ZTDM Practice Server zds:// (admin: Proteh, Unknown Starwind)



It is highly, highly, highly recommended you be available either on IRC, TeamSpeak 3, or Discord to communicate with other teams and to talk to your own team mate. If you are not around, you run the risk of being disqualified. Don’t sign up if you aren’t ready to talk with others.

Discord: https://discord.gg/gsVSHGK

IRC: irc.zandronum.com #ztdm


Did you even read the first post

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