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Using cc4-tex.wad resource

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I have been using cc4-tex.wad often when mapping as of late, but I have been noticing an issue when doing so.  When I want to use a Doom 2 texture (e.g. CRACKLE2) while cc4-tex is loaded, something screws with the patch alignment rendering it not tiling correctly.  It also seems to affect SUPPORT2 for it tacks on additional patches at the bottom.


CRACKLE2, cc4-tex.wad loaded in GZDB R2990 (left)

CRACKLE2, no additional resources (mid)

Oddball SUPPORT2 (right)



Is this a known issue, or is this an error on my part on how I'm using the resources?  Or perhaps when people use cc4-tex, they tend to use it exclusively and not use any stock Doom 2 textures?

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The discrepency results from different sizing of the patches and resulting textures in DOOM2 and CC4-TEX.

Open both in Slade3 and see how they differ.


Having textures with the same name in two or more resources always causes problems when they are not the same.

I would assume that loadorder plays a role in which one is used.

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I see it now.  The RW44_1 and RW44_2 patches in cc4-tex are 128x128 instead of 64x128; The SUPPORT2 patch is 24x128 instead of 24x64.  Thanks.

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