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Ammo drop mods?

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So, I'm very new to all of this, and I only just started playing the original two doom games like a couple of weeks ago. I love them, but I especially love all of the mods, and wads, and whatevers that can be found for them. I have run into an issue with some gameplay wads though, where there's just not enough ammo to go around for certain custom weapons, like for weapons that use rocket or plasma based ammo, especially in the vanilla maps. I was wondering if there were any type of mods out there that would make enemies, even imps and the such drop different types of ammo, or if there were any mods that added different enemy types to drop those ammos and then kind of randomly added them in places? I have no idea if my question makes any sense, but basically I want more ammo types to drop (Or maybe more enemy types that drop those ammos) so that that ammo can be around more frequently without having to resort to infinite ammo cheating.

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I don't think a simple standalone mod was made with this function only, but mods like D4D, D4T, or any other Doom 4 mod out there tend to have this.

It's relatively easy write up a simple mod using DECORATE alone.

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Oh, is that right? Well, darn... though the D4D and D4T mods you mentioned, don't those also count as weapon replacement mods? I'm sadly not looking for anything that does that, since it would probably interfere with the gameplay and weapon mods I already have, or am I understanding that incorrectly?

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Making monsters drop loot is very easy to code.  If you're using Zandronum or Zdoom you'd use decorate.  For other ports you'd use DeHacked.


I don't know anything about dehacked personally, but decorate I do.


If you are using a mod with a decorate.txt file already in it you can plop this code in it, if not you'll need to make a new file.


As an example here's an Imp that drops rockets.


ACTOR DoomImp2 : DoomImp replaces DoomImp


     DropItem "RocketAmmo", 255, 1



Here's a breakdown of what this stuff means.


DoomImp2 is the new actor you're making.  You can't edit an original actor, you have to make a copy first.

After the ":" DoomImp is the actor you're inheriting from (https://zdoom.org/wiki/Using_inheritance).  What this means is your actor will maintain all the original code except what you choose to overwrite.

Putting "replaces" is the reason it spawns in place of, in this case, the stock imp, which in decorate code is called "DoomImp".  Here's a page for all the names.  https://zdoom.org/wiki/Category:Doom_II_monster

The brackets are needed because reasons.

The dropitem field is the item to be dropped (https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:RocketAmmo), the chance it spawns (out of 255, so in this case it's 100% of the time), and the amount of ammo you'd get when picked up.  https://zdoom.org/wiki/Actor_properties (scroll down to dropitem)


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