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The "Standing Zoey" phenomenon [Mystic]

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Hello community.


Suddenly I want to talk about russian urban legend about Standing Zoey.


The story happened in USSR, 31 of December in 1955 year. In Kuybyshev city (at present time - Samara city).

People were celebrating the coming new 1956 year. The group of students gathered together in one house. There was a girl, Zoey. Everyone has a couple. But her boyfriend Nicholay didn't appear. At some point people went dancing, but Zoey was alone. Tired of waiting, she said to everyone that if Nicholay is absent, so she will dance with icon of Saint Nicholas. People said that it's a crazy, sinful idea. But Zoey (I remind you that officially no one in USSR believed in God) said that if it's a sin - let God punish her for this. Well, when she took the icon and started "dancing" with it, she suddenly froze (paralyzed).


The problems starts when people tryed to bring Zoey to life or move somehow. She seemed to be a stone.


The whole city (about a million people) really fast learned about it.

Ambulance doctors failed to give an injection of adrenaline - the needle just get bent due to her muscle strain. But they said that heart is still beating. So, the Police called for special servies (KGB). After appearing of special agents this story became top secret on official level. In news they said that it's just a stupid joke.


After that Zoey was standing about 6 days without any move. Agents tried few things but nothing helped. Until they call for the priest (in another version they forced a young virgin boy who worked in Church) to take the icon. When he did this, after some time (hours) Zoey back to normal. After that she was taken away by special agents in the unknown direction. At present time no one knows exactly about Zoey's fate. Well...that's all.


Why I suddenly starting this thread? In Russia, today, the main TV channel of the country showed today a discussion about this old story. In serious tone.

They said that most things in this story is not a fiction. Everything really happened.


I was a student who lived and studied in Samara's University. I don't believe in mystic, but I saw this house. It's really creepy. The really old building in the centre of big city with skyscrapers. It's really unusual.


But today I've got a questions...

First, how many people, who're not live in Russia or Slavic countries, knows about this story? I see that there are no english page on Wikipedia.

Second, what do you think about this?


Photo of this building where this story happened (there are a lot of new high buildings, only those small old constructions stay without touch):



Also there is a new feature film about this story. It looks funny (and creepy) - they did her looks like a deadite from Evil Dead franchise:


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Nice read, never heard of it before though. Shame the USSR couldn't harness the Santa icon's powers.

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