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Moonblood demos [-complevel 9]

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Moonblood is a full 32 map MegaWAD released by Deadwing in April of 2017. It runs on -complevel 9 with the Doom 2 IWAD. Post your demos for it here! I offer mbXY-ZZZ.lmp as the naming convention, replacing XY and ZZZ with map # and demo time respectively. 


I'll also offer a handful of my own demos to start things off.


MAP01 Max in 1:22          mb01-122.zip

MAP01 NM100s in 0:42    mb01s042.zip

MAP01 NM-Speed in 0:22 mb01n022.zip

MAP01 Pacifist in 0:21      mb01p021.zip

MAP01 Respawn in 1:15   mb01r115.zip

MAP27 UV-Speed in 0:11  mb27-011.zip

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