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Solace Dreams 2 - (Ideas & Discussions)

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Hi all,
While i finish finalizing the DLC for solace dreams in the final 1.3 update coming sometime this week. I would like to hear your suggestions for things you would love to see in the upcoming sequel. I know that the current installment was more or less dead on arrive for 90% of the players due to the voxels, on top of the many bugs and balancing issues which will finally be taken care of in this final update. But what would you love to see be added or taken away if given the choice, give me your suggestions and i will consider them, here is a list of things i have already considered adding in the next installment...
(All considered suggestions will be added to this post with your name tagged beside for credit)


  • Same principle as the first game, a new protagonist (Jack - The punk rocker) in a new school hub with new students to find.
  • All 3d models will be MD2/3 format. No more voxels.
  • ingame 3d animated cutscenes. (This will be experimental)
  • Baked texture lighting, less ingame dynamic lighting. (It simply dont look nice with 3d models.)
  • Larger more varied levels.
  • More ingame dialog/story. Can be skippable for the less patient.
  • Upon defeating a boss you will have a choice to free the student, or simply kill them. (Each choice rewarding the player differently)
  • Loads more weapons all with upgrade capabilities.
  • Loads more enemy types and boss fights.
  • Improved movement, crouching, jumping, sliding, dashing, sprinting and more.
  • Voice acting? (Im undecided about this one.)
  • Original score & sound design. (At least most of it will)
  • And finally for newgame+, players will unlock access to solace dreams 1 (remastered) and all boss fights ONLY will be remade and again replayable.


If you have anymore ideas please feel free to post and contribute.
If you have anything to say regarding the original game then again please post your thoughts.

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