Simple Zandro-Deathmatch, 2 level PWAD (For now)



I was just working on these maps out of boredom, taking a break from my Zandro Co-op Project for the day. This contains One vanilla compatible map, and One UDMF Zandronum map, Both are relatively small (Good for Duel..?) Though not the best for bots. I hope you enjoy these! I might go on to adding more later! (Or including whatever I put here in my ZANZONE project)


Heres some Additional Info:

IWAD: Doom 2

Port: Zandronum (Recommended/Required)

Build Time: Few Hours (5-8)

Jumping, Crouching, and Free look are allowed for best experience















For those interested in a Zandronum Community Map pack That I mentioned above:


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The simple application of that 3D floor in Jump looks really cool. That alone makes me think it would be a ton of fun to fight on.

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@Kapanyo Is there a possible way for me to get in contact with a server host, just to host these maps? I really feel like these maps can work out in duel pretty well.

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