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Dynamic Music for download... be wary.

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I cut this music up to sync it back to itself for dynamic purposes.


Every file is synced up nicely with each other file, trying not to get that annoying electric snap when samples are not aligned.


Note that in some source ports there is a very slight delay when music loops in-game, I would recommend looping the audio files themselves.


(Now with file sizes that are not goddamn huge!)


Adrenaline Horror from the Half-Life soundtrack.


Free from Crush 40's version of this song.


Running in the 90's from Initial D.

Edited by Eric the Sandvich

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I'm not sure why there are two threads for this now, but...


To start out with, you could cut the filesize in half by using 16-bit instead of 32-bit audio. The CD audio standard is 16 bits at a 44.1kHz sample rate, and there's really no need for higher than that for the vast majority of situations. (Also: is the music your own? If not, it's most likely been upsampled to 32-bit, anyway, which is like blowing up a bitmap image to twice its size so you have bigger pixels.)


Regarding something you mentioned in your other thread:

RAR is a lossless format. Any general-purpose data compression formats like zip or 7z are this way, and need to be in order to work. You can easily confirm this by compressing an EXE and confirming that it still runs, or compressing a few sentences of text and confirming that all the words and punctuation are where they're supposed to be ;)

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Finally tied myself together.


I know, I am a huge mess when not properly dealing with stuff.


Gladly I organized everything now.


Thank you for helping an idiot out :)

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32-bit audio is useful to preserve precision, before generating the final mix. It is typical to keep everything 32-bit or higher during the editing process. Sometimes even 32-bit float is used to avoid aliasing.

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