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Final Doom shirt

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I have been wanting a t-shirt of the Final Doom marine yelling. It was the same picture as the one used in magazine advertisements. The marine's face is yellow and looks as if he is screaming. The ad says something about soldiers not ever dying, just become undead soldiers. They used that face on a black t-shirt but I have not been able to find a place anywhere online where I can order it.

I saw a person with it on about a year ago while driving around Portland (Oregon) but since I was driving on a busy road I didn't have time to ask him about it. Does anyone here know of the shirt I'm talking about and where I could get it?

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Hey man! What's going on?! I'm in college right now and since it's the summer I decided to revist Doomworld. You can see that my posting activity is near nill but hey. I have a new e-mail address. I'll send you an e-mail as soon as I locate your page.

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