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nxGangrel Vs. 40oz

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Finally, I can sit in the bleachers and watch the drama unfold. Will kid_duel make a triumphant return? Will nx send 40oz a pair of tap dancing shoes in the post as bait? Will we finally see the competitive scene's first ever in-game rap performed as a series of coloured macro binds?


So many questions. nx in straight sets.

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I support this endeavor. Gl to both, I hope to see you two in game some time and I look forward to the match, assuming 40 

5 hours ago, nxGangGirl said:


s the challenge ;p

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6 hours ago, Impie said:

Man, everyone's craving 40oz's deathmatch cock lately. I'm kinda jealous.


In hindsight, maybe that doesn't really work as a metaphor...

Winner has to face Impie!

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