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I will test your Brutal Doom maps

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Hello people, im one of those people who like the majority of mechanics and features of Brutal Doom.


However there are very minimal wads built around the mod. I'm interested in trying wads that were built FOR brutal doom and its balancing / mechanics. I will provide feedback and even ideas. Chances are this thread is going to be empty but I'm not looking to be flooded.



- I'm not testing a standard wad with BD just slapped on it

- Must be your wad so it's worth providing feedback

- No brutal doom slaughtermaps, if such a monstrosity exists

- Please inform me what's the most appropriate sourceport and why your wad is designed for BD.


Note: I will be playing the wad with grenades, glory kills, kicks and occasionally a taunt

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Guys, threads like the Doom Confessional Booth exist if you want to poop on Brutal Doom. The OP is offering a good service, and the audience for it exists, judging by the BD-specific maps posted in W&M every once in a while. Best of all, there's no screed denouncing vanilla mechanics; it's just a simple request. So there is no reason for the unprovoked hate. 


Building maps around a specific mod -- whether that is Brutal Doom, Complex Doom, High Noon Drifter, you name it -- is a cool idea, one people who really like a mod should do more often. The idea that doing so is 'not cool' is a headscratcher.

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Thanks rdwpa.


In fact there has been a couple of submissions sent to me via private messages. I wonder if people don't want to reveal it? I'm not gonna make their maps public if they don't want to.

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He's referring to maps that make full use of BD's abilities, like, say, scripted leaping imps. The map would most likely not work at all without Brutal Doom, and that's the "not cool" part. I am in no way shitting on Brutal Doom. In fact I love it.


Edit: I'm more than willing to play BD wads if you want a second opinion for whatever reason.

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I play tested Way Too Many Dead Guys a lot with V19 of Brutal Doom, and made various changes to accomodate it, but it always intended as a hybrid Vanilla/BD friendly mapset rather than a dedicated one. I hestiate to reccommend it though, it was early work, and you would have to track down a copy of BDV19, and a verison of GZDoom that can run it.


Other than the Starter Pack itself, and Castle's Redemption Of The Slain, I can't think offhand of many dedicated mapsets.

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I have played a couple maps provided. I had fun but nothing beyond ammo availability and difficulty is built for the mod.


To be fair, sgt Marks Megawad has a good portion of maps that can be played with vanilla


I bet there are more BD map packs out there. Don't hesitate to pm or send a link on these thread.

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