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Rosh Fragger

Fragfest deathmatch wad by Greenchil!

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------------------------------F R A G F E S T------------------------------


Yo doomers! This is to announce that I've made a deathmatch wad (mainly for ZDaemon FFA or 1-on-1 gameplay) with 15 maps. Being inspired by Brit10, I've made the starting few maps resemble it somewhat.


Krawa is hosting it for ZDS #525, so don't forget to give it a shot! I'll be making more maps in the future.


~Rosh Fragger (AKA: Greenchil)




======================= *FRAGFEST* =======================

Version                 : 2
Title                      : "Frag Fest"
Filename               : fragfest_v2.wad
Release date         : Sep 20, 2017
Author                  : Rosh Fragger
Mapper                 : Rosh Fragger
Description           : Happy Fragging!


======================= *FRAGFEST* =======================

New maps              : 15
Sounds                  : Yes
Graphics                : Yes
Dehacked File         : Yes
Demos                   : No


======================= *FRAGFEST* =======================

Game                     : Doom2
Map #                    : Map01 - Map15
Single Player           : No
Cooperative             : No
Free For All              : Designed for
Capture the flag       : No
Survival                   : No
Duel/1 on 1              : Playable
Editors Used             : Doom Builder 2, XWE, and WhackEd4


===================== *© 2017 Greenchil* =====================


Edited by Rosh Fragger

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