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High and Low res P90 Rifle Sprites and sounds.

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Hello all, I have been working for days on some sprites to a weapon I wanted to implement into mod in the future

but I have LOTS to learn about making weapon decorate before I am there. Until then I though it would be nice to share.


I used a Textured 3d model in blender cycles render with animations to make the Reload and Fire animations

The reload animation consists of 52 !!! Images. If you think that is too much, then they can be cropped down

as it is already a smoooooth animation. The fire Sprite have muzzle flash in stages, which I think looks cool.


There are both High and Low Resolution versions of each image High = 800x600 and Low = 150x113. So you can do pk3 with Hires folder.

Images are PNG Format with transparency.


The (52!) reload sprite are already named in sprite format as are the fire sprites..... PNIN A-Z and PNIR A-Z (PNINA0, PNINB0.....)


The sounds and textures were ripped from the Carters Addon Pack for Gmod.

The are 5 sounds:





-Misfire(EMPTY MAG)


As I said above I am currently unable to make/code decent weapon.

If anyone does or could write a decent decorate for this thing, please do share it with me. I will be trying to myself.


If you need any other INFO or I missed something. Feel free to ask. Cheers!













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