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Is there a reference file of the vanilla limits out there?

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Thread mainly inspired by a Doom wad idea I've been formulating lately - not revealing details about it, though. And also because I want to deepen my understanding of the Doom engine, especially in regards to said limits.


Now I know there are explanations about vanilla Doom's static limits on the Doom Wiki and whatnot, but what I'm specifically looking for is a file I could access offline in case I feel the need to refer to it for whatever purpose.

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Just now, Voros said:

You could always download the DoomWiki page so you can view it offline.

Ah, didn't know you could do that. Much obliged!

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The Doomwiki page is unfortunatly polluted with Boom, Heretic, Hexen and Strife filth. It's somewhat hard to read due to that. Several important limits are missing. That page ought to be redone, same with the linedef specials page which is also a mess. They're not good references to use for Doom mapping.

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